Learn the best exercise to lose weight

Best exercise to lose weight
Best exercise to lose weight is practicing yoga in park.

Physical activity is a very crucial part of our day to day life. In our busy schedules, we often forget to take some time out for ourselves and neglect our health completely. Regular physical activities decrease the risk of diseases and improve the physical and mental health. The kind of busy life people have and due to the growing urbanization, we cannot expect people to go outdoors for running and exercise. Due to this people have started making a shift towards gym. A proper gym can provide a proper place to perform the best exercises to lose weight. More and more gyms are increasingly coming up providing special facilities exclusively for women.

When we focus on Dubai, people here are very conscious about their health and due to this factor there is a new concept of gyms exclusively for women. Although, there are gyms which are open for all but to cut out the awkwardness for women to workout in gym in a place like Dubai, there is a trend of ladies gym in Dubai. They focus on providing facilities like yoga, acro-yoga, Pilates, dance fitness and body toning, workshops on other various disciplines like body-mind connections etc.

On the other hand, if we consider the ill effects of lack of physical activities, we would come across a lot of things. If a person does not indulge in any kind of physical activity or exercise, he or she is more likely to fall prey to diseases and problems like anxiety, stress, and depression. Physical health assures sound mental health. Many other diseases like coronary heart diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, colon cancer, obesity, high blood pressure etc., may also be the worst outcome of inactive lifestyle. Thus, gyms provide a platform where one can do best exercises to lose weight and to stay healthy.

The regular lifestyle of women does not allow them to take time out for themselves. There are many factors relating to this fact. Ladies always have to handle the house and have to perform all their roles towards their families. This limits the time available with them which they could have used to engage in physical activities. The ladies gyms in Dubai thus provide all the necessary facilities which would encourage women to take time out for their own physical fitness. This helps her get the necessary relaxation and some relief from the routine activities.

Dubai is anyways a developed place and the people have a really high standard of living. People have high disposable income and they can invest money easily for staying physically fit. The gyms in Dubai are also promising enough for women and can assure best exercise to lose weight and stay healthy. After all a prosperous place is a result of its happy and healthy population.


Spice up the fitness regime with a Zumba dance workout

Zumba Dance Workout
Dance to the music and burn your fats!

Deadlines and targets, office politics and family issues, all these and many more problems can get at you a lot of times. There may be little you can do to avoid the problems, but there is a lot that you can do to forget them and refresh the mind for a while. A cup of coffee and an interesting book to read during lazy weekends or a trip to the mall with the best pals, or catching up with old friends on the social network or just watching old classics on the TV may be a few of the things that you can do for yourself. Instead you can actually do yourself a favour by treating the body in the process of healing the mind.

One of the best ways to be able to keep yourself fit and happy at the same time is to make sure that the mind as well as the body are treated with some kind of activity that exercises both the systems and gives them a new lease of life. Engaging in activities such as the Zumba dance workout are gaining popularity among the aware and educated by the day and the reason is that the Zumba creates happiness and excitement and the workout helps stay in shape, fit and healthy. However, a lot of people may feel apprehensive about joining dance because of their ability to embarrass themselves in the event of having to dance.

The people who think that it may be impossible to learn a dance form, it is advised that they should go with an open mind and give it a shot. One may never know what they are built for and joining Zumba classes in Dubai may be the thing for you. There are a lot of reasons why people should not shy away from taking the classes. One of the most important reasons is because the classes are not meant only for learning dance; they also help in understanding and practicing a form of art that helps the body in a very healthy way.

Another major reason for joining Zumba classes in Dubai may be to understand the culture and the idea behind the dance form. It is a widely known and appreciated fact that Zumba is fast replacing conventional work out sessions, but to know about how it came into being and how it helps may take you a step closer to a fitter body and a happier mind.

Zumba dance workout attracts the health enthusiasts

Zumba for beginners

The culture of physical exercising is really praiseworthy in Dubai. An increasing number of youth are becoming health conscious in order to tackle the ill-effects of modern lifestyle. This has resulted in the surge of gym membership in Dubai. However, Dubai gymnasiums and health centers are well-equipped to house all the health enthusiasts with world class equipment and trained health professionals. They also offer a wide range of exercises which one can choose from according to their interests and body requirements. Noteworthy among all the forms of exercises is Zumba. Zumba as an exercise is surprisingly catching up as one of the most popular forms of exercise because of its versatile nature and multitude of benefits. Here are five awesome reasons why you should take up Zumba as an exercise as a part of your workout plan.

  1. Zumba burns calories

If you want shed that extra fat from your body, there’s nothing better than Zumba for you. Zumba as an exercise increases the metabolism rate of your body which burns up all the additional calories. You can join one of the Zumba classes in Dubai too and choose from different forms of Zumba cum fitness regimes, if you desire for a fit and slim body.

  1. Zumba relieves stress

Stress and depression have become part and parcel of present lifestyle. We are heading towards a civilization where work and productivity is being valued more than emotions. This is the reason why most people go to sleep with lots of stress after a day spent under pressure. However, you can relieve your stress with the help of Zumba. Zumba as an exercise, practised with music will rejuvenate you and remove all your worries for the time being.

  1. Zumba tones your muscles

If you are wondering how Zumba can be helpful for your physique, then you should know that the rhythmic moves of Zumba as an exercise helps in toning of muscles. There are different forms of Zumba like Zumba for beginners which also helps in strengthening of muscles. Zumba is a unique form of dance which combines the art form of aerobic exercises and is gaining popularity for all the right reasons.

  1. Zumba gives you flexibility

Zumba as an exercise is the best way your body can gain flexibility and an enhanced coordination. It also increases your balancing power and makes you more confident. This is the reason why most athletes and gymnasts prefer Zumba as an exercise as an alternative form of exercising.

  1. Zumba is fun

Probably, the best thing about Zumba is that it can prove to be a great way of socializing with friends and acquaintances. The health clubs in Dubai run Zumba dance workout programs which are so programmed that the practitioners can have as much fun of being among friends as they want.

Zumba for beginners can fight obesity

A major global problem which has haunted an average urban resident is the menace of obesity. Laidback lifestyle, irregular meals and high calorie induced diet can be blamed to be the prime reasons for the increasing cases of health problems due to obesity. However, obesity can be effectively controlled if a person maintains certain disciplines in his or her life. Here are five brilliant ways which possess great potential to curb the nuisance called obesity.

  1. Healthy diet

The most basic way one can fight obesity is to maintain a fat free balanced diet. One must consult a nutritionist for this purpose and develop a mechanism to keep the track of one’s body mass index. One must cut the intake of high calorie food like fatty oils, milk and red meat. Meals must be taken on time and irregular consumption of fast food must be avoided at all costs. The consumption of green vegetables and citric fruits is also believed to be beneficial for weight loss.

  1. Cycling

A simple exercise to fight the problem of obesity is bicycling. One should regularly practise bicycling at medium to high speed on a smooth road. However, one should be careful enough to know one’s limit. Excessive cycling might strain the limb muscles and cause fatigue. One should also be well protected with helmets and joint guards while cycling outdoors.

3. Zumba

Zumba is probably one of the most effective ways of losing unwanted weight. It is basically a dance routine involving aerobic movement of limbs in a rhythmic manner. Zumba is gaining massive popularity world-wide due to its fun filled routine. Although Zumba for beginners might not include steps which would bring much difference to the body weight, but a couple of months of practice would allow one to increase the take up of fast steps which helps in the burning of calories.

4. Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga consists of a number of postural exercises which are beneficial to the mind and the body in a wide range of aspects. These postures have been in practice since ancient times for their varied advantages. Poses like the Crescent, Rocking boat and Chair are extremely useful in shedding extra fat from the body. Not only weight loss, Hatha Yoga postures also keep the body slim and flexible preventing accumulation of fat. One can join any good Yoga class in Dubai to practice Hatha Yoga postures under expert supervision.

Join dance classes in Dubai for better health or professional training


Staying healthy and fit is as important as taking care of your car engine. We know that a good workout has immense health benefits. Workouts aren’t just designed especially for weight loss, some are just to keep you fit and in shape. Workouts range from fast, medium and low paced and your health decides the type of workout you should choose. For instance, a Zumba dance workout routine emphasises more on strength building and fat burning. It does not focus on just one part of body as it is a dance workout so one way or the other your whole body stays in motion. There is upbeat music, songs and dance that help relieve tension and let you experience a whole new world of happiness while working out.

Dance is an inevitable part of every society. Be it any good news or an achievement the best way to enjoy your happiness is through dancing. But dance is no more limited to just expressing joy it has become a great way to stay in shape too. There are certain type of dance styles that help you build strength, endurance and confidence level. When you dance, your heart rate goes up, which is a good form of exercise. Many people who want to become professional dancers or just want to enrol for the fun of it can join dance classes. Dance classes in Dubai are becoming pretty famous. Dubai being a cosmopolitan country is home to different cultures and religions. So, there is something for everyone. You can either learn dance as a hobby or pursue it as a career.
Among many forms of exercise, swimming is always considered as one of the best exercises. It is a far more effective way when it comes to toning your muscles and strength building. Working out in water teaches you to work on your breathing. This form of exercise is good for everyone especially for those with asthma. Swimming classes in Dubai are equally famous and popular among people of all ages. You can improve your heart rate and blood flow that ultimately results in weight control and better health. Your body becomes more flexible as most of the muscles function simultaneously in water unlike exercising in gym, hence improving joint mobility.
So, wait no more and enrol for one today!

What makes Zumba the “Best Exercise to Lose Weight”

Sometimes, while doing exercises, you find yourself quite bored and the exercises seem to be rather monotonous. That is when you find yourself losing motivation to stay fit or lose weight. Finding an alternative to weight loss seems tricky and stressful, but it isn’t. An enjoyable fitness exercise such as Zumba is an assured way to lose weight. This Latin-American dance form is based on aerobic dance and fitness and has become a sensation amongst a lot of individuals. It has been gaining popularity as one of the favourite dance classes around the world. It has been widely practiced at homes in addition to gyms around the world. It is fun and an energetic fitness routine that anyone can take up. Zumba helps in burning calories and is regarded as one of the best exercises to lose weight. The perfect fusion of Latin music with contemporary dance beats makes your workout fun and enjoyable.

Zumba is the perfect workout that provides immense relief from stress. It is probably the best stress reliever. The upbeat moves that are particular to this type of workout favour the release of mood-improving endorphins that can boost your confidence. An ideal way to lower inhibitions, better coordination, improve and enhance posture as well. An hour long session of Zumba can easily help you lose 500-600 calories depending upon the intensity of the workout. It is good to ensure you have your Zumba workout plan arranged as per your weight goals. A professional can help you figure this out.

Zumba instructors are licensed and can help you with a tailor-made Zumba dance workout plans that stick to the fundamentals of Zumba, at the same time ensuring creativity and fun. It provides an intense aerobic and muscular workout. You will certainly notice a whole new, if you practice it religiously. Zumba keeps you motivated as it is based on catchy soundtracks that ensure you have fun and not necessarily think of it as an exercise. It is the ideal way to strengthen and tone your body. There are multiple routines that feature interval training sessions. These are currently recognized as one of the best ways to burn fat and stay fit. Your goal should be to use the Zumba workout plan to the optimum so as to ensure fitness and a healthy weight.