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Do you know what happens to our body when we skip the gym? It doesn’t matter how dedicated we are into fitness, it is going to happen sooner or later that whenever we go to skip a workout, we might have missed out on a lot. Maybe we can blame the vacation for this, a huge pile of pending files at the office. Whatever may be the reason even before we know it we are out of shape!  According to personal trainer Dubai it is nothing to worry about neglecting the gym every once in a while as after all our body needs to recover and rest. But, we may be actually throwing fitness level into rewind mode, when we pause on workouts for more than a week.

Know How Fast We Might Fall Out of Shape –
We work hard to get fit, whether by striving for new personal bests on your benchmark, or keep logging regular runs. When our workout rates fall, we fall out of shape very fast and that too depends more on how much time we spend away from the gym. Our overall fitness & the type of workout we are missing will also impact all our losses, says personal trainer for gym.

The general rule says that the fitter you are, the much longer it will take our muscles turn to flub. Our physique does not like changes as it is constantly trying to achieve homeostasis. So the longer period we will be exercising (& the fitter we are), it will take more time for our body to say, “Well, I guess we don’t need to build muscle anymore.” Don’t stress too much if it’s only been a week since you broke a sweat. Whatever our workout history may be, it will definitely take more than 7 days for our body to become soft. But what about two weeks? We might not get away with that concept as easily. Best personal trainer in Dubai suggests that easing up on our workouts for 14 days can majorly reduce our lean muscle mass, cardiovascular fitness, & insulin sensitivity. It might take 2 months or long to see complete losses of our fitness which we gained.

Which Will You Lose: Endurance vs. Strength?
Our bodies react very differently depending on whether we are skipping endurance exercise versus strength training, says exercise physiologist and personal trainer Dubai. That is because our muscles contain both type I (slow-twitch) & type II (fast-twitch) muscle fibers. Type I fibers always contributes towards endurance performance. Type II fibers are more powerful, & their “fast-twitch” capabilities help us power through high-intensity exercise or strength training.

During our day-to-day activities (like sitting at a desk, walking, talking, etc.), our type I fibers are contributing to the bulk of our efforts. But we really have to work to get our type II fibers to switch into gear. So, when we take a break from exercise we are helping to prevent them from breaking down according to personal trainer Dubai.


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Getting into a pool at the beach, sun and sand on a tropical holiday destination sounds like so much fun. How about adding fitness goals to the fun? When you swim, you actually indulge in cardiovascular exercise that helps you become stronger and fitter. Why not use swimming as a way to losing that extra weight you aimed to knock off last year, or achieve the perfect body that you wrote down in your New Year resolution list?

From toning to speeding up your metabolism, swimming classes in Dubai, will have you experience fun and achieve fitness. When you swim, you sculpt your back, tone your arms among other things. Swimming can help you target all the areas of your body at once, without having to resort to different set of exercises. Those strokes in the water are a total body workout. And especially easy on the joints, because a swimming routine can help you build strength after an injury.

While swimming in the pools in Dubai, you are practicing more breath control than running; you gasp for more oxygen and hence work your muscles better. Swimming is the ultimate aerobic workout. You get an endorphin kick, and of course, jumping in the pool is fun. The number of workout variations are so many, you can perform them all. It’s beneficial to be proactively swimming, especially if you’re involved in other sports, or training to run a marathon. Swimming can help you get an added advantage over your competitors.

Swimming is an exercise that can be conducted without the requirement of any equipment – all you’re armed with are your costume, cap and goggles. Having said that, it is a preferred option to get a personal trainer Dubai to help you through the swimming workout. These trainers have a lot of experience teaching to novice swimmers, and are best equipped to deal with them. They also help you to devise an optimal workout charted out based on your body type, your fitness goal and dietary habits. They will encourage you to keep going at the workout, also make you stop when you’re exhausted. They are the ones who guard you, should any mishap happen. They will be responsible for your fitness and health.