Five offbeat exercise forms gaining popularity at gyms in Bur Dubai

Fitness is no more just a bodily attribute. In fact, it has taken the form of a lifestyle today. People are getting inclined towards putting extra efforts to achieve a fit posture and enhance their stamina like never before. There is also a rising trend of experimentation in the forms of exercises undertaken by people to attain the right body fitness. The traditional methods of exercising like weight training, indoor and outdoor exercises and beat-based dancing are giving way to several unconventional forms of body activities. These offbeat exercises are gaining immense popularity in Dubai and attracting a large number of people. This is the reason why most gyms in Dubai are keen on introducing the following offbeat exercises along with their other services.

  • Hula hooping

Who would mind working out with the help of a hoop amidst fun and music? Moreover it is not only a fun-filled activity, but also extremely beneficial for the body’s health and mental health. Whirling the hoop around the body makes the legs, abs and arms move rapidly in rhythm, helping in toning up of muscles in those parts. One can join any gym in Deira Dubai to practice the mind refreshing hula hooping workout.

  • Trampolining

Bouncing on trampolines is a great form of aerobic exercise which helps in enhancing the balance of the body and also adds to the stamina. The workout is also great fun for the practitioners. Several forms of bounce has been developed today suited to people of different ages. Trampolining is catching up as a popular mode of workout for all the right reasons.

  • Parkour

The word ‘parkour’ might remind you of a street activity involving athleticism and jumping between large distances. But, the style of parkour is a great workout for both the mind and the body. It helps in developing the coordination quotient of the body and also enhances speed of body movements. However, it requires adequate professional supervision. It is advisable to join any good gym in Bur Dubai to practice parkour.

  • Twerking

Twerking might remind you of rhythmic body movements to beat-based music, but it also bears certain physical benefits. Regular twerk routines helps in strengthening of muscles and developing the controlling power of the body posture. One can join any good gym in Dubai Marina to indulge in a rigorous routine of twerking.

  • Bouldering

Another form of physical exercise catching up with the youth of Dubai is bouldering. Although it is nothing other than rock climbing performed without the use of harnesses, it is an extremely good exercise for strengthening the muscles of legs as well as that of the upper torso. Bouldering also results in an intense mental work-out, which helps in enhancing mind and body coordination.


Join Fitness first Dubai to attain the right body posture

The physical posture is undoubtedly an important index of one’s personality. A person with an upright posture not only looks good but also develops a sense of self-confidence among his or her peers. Needless to say, a faulty body posture results in several spine and back related ailments, which might turn into chronic pain in the long run. However, attaining and maintaining a good posture is not an impossible task to achieve. Here are five simple ways to achieve the right body posture.

  1. Identify the perfect posture for yourself

The foremost thing one should focus on while achieving the right body posture is to correctly identify the posture ideal for one’s body. It can be done by examining one’s standing position and gait by looking at a mirror. The posture must look good on the person from all sides, and the person must ensure that he or she is comfortable in it. Once the posture has been identified, the next step would be conscious maintain it while standing or walking.

  1. Strengthen the shoulder muscles

A prime reason which affects one’s posture negatively is muscular fatigue. Tired muscles on the shoulder and back make one lean forward by a few degrees, misaligning the correct posture. This can be fully prevented by strength training of the shoulder and upper back muscles. One can take up gym membership in Dubai to practise muscle strengthening exercises, which would start showing results within a few weeks.

  1. Practice stretches

Another reason which misaligns the right posture is muscle lethargy. If one is required to work in the sitting position for long hours, it might be very difficult to attain the right posture immediately on standing which results in sore muscles. This problem can be easily resolved if one take up stretching exercises regularly. One can also join gyms like Fitness First Dubai for professional advice regarding stretching exercises.

  1. Practice Yoga

Several poses of Yoga are exclusively designed for improving one’s body posture. Practising Yoga also helps in making the body flexible, which eventually helps in eliminating soreness of muscles. One can join any gym in Dubai Marina which offers Yoga training. The Yoga practice can be combined with rhythmic exercises such as Pilates to derive better results. However, professional supervision is a must in such case.

  1. Ensure sound sleep

A major factor which affects one posture is the way one sleeps. One should always prefer a comparatively stiffer mattress while sleeping and also ensure sleeping on one’s back. One should also use stiffer pillows to support the head in a proper way. Too many pillows might feel comfortable, but there is an ample chance of getting one’s head bent during deep sleep, affecting the body posture adversely.

Learn how Pilates exercises can provide a well-toned body

Some believe that yoga is just a set of physical exercises that involves stretching and breathing. But the truth is that yoga goes beyond that. It helps you disconnect from the world and thereby experience inner peace in the soul, mind, and body. You can learn the purest form of yoga to heal illnesses and also maintain good health. Joining yoga classes in Dubai can help you gain the maximum benefits of yoga.

It is believed that stress is a major problem in one’s modern life. We humans tend to carry our stress and worries that reflect on the body as well as internally. Even if we release our physical tension by stretching, exercising or perhaps even getting a good massage, there may still be tensions that aren’t recognized or are too complicated to release. Yoga Nidra in times like these is a unique method that helps de-stresses the body at its deepest level. Nidra is practiced in a form that can help you lay comfortably on your back. It involves a series of breathing exercises and simple instructions that you need to follow. A few of these include visual imagery or a scan of the body, which tends to occupy the mind and prevents it from immersing itself in the usual mind-chatter that tends to absorb our ordinary consciousness.

Yoga of the kind lets your mind fall into a conscious relaxation mode. It helps you enter the subconscious zone while you are still in a complete state of rest. The mind has to be in consciousness while the body is fully relaxed. One of the biggest gains of this is that it gives power over your mind. You can drift between consciousness and unconsciousness state and master it only with regular practice. At times, it is possible to influence your mind by creating a particular path using Yoga Nidra. You have to focus while practicing the exercises.

Another brilliant way of working out is by practicing Pilates. Pilates exercises is all about emphasizing on proper breathing, pelvic alignment, correct spinal along with concentrating on smooth and flowing movement. It helps you tune in with your body and its needs and requirements and control its movement. Also, the quality of movements is preferred over quantity of repetitions. Smooth breathing is essential as it helps you execute movements along with maximum power and efficiency. Lastly, you must learn how to breathe effectively while exercising so as to reduce stress. Practice these drills on a daily basis to gain maximum benefits.

What makes Zumba the “Best Exercise to Lose Weight”

Sometimes, while doing exercises, you find yourself quite bored and the exercises seem to be rather monotonous. That is when you find yourself losing motivation to stay fit or lose weight. Finding an alternative to weight loss seems tricky and stressful, but it isn’t. An enjoyable fitness exercise such as Zumba is an assured way to lose weight. This Latin-American dance form is based on aerobic dance and fitness and has become a sensation amongst a lot of individuals. It has been gaining popularity as one of the favourite dance classes around the world. It has been widely practiced at homes in addition to gyms around the world. It is fun and an energetic fitness routine that anyone can take up. Zumba helps in burning calories and is regarded as one of the best exercises to lose weight. The perfect fusion of Latin music with contemporary dance beats makes your workout fun and enjoyable.

Zumba is the perfect workout that provides immense relief from stress. It is probably the best stress reliever. The upbeat moves that are particular to this type of workout favour the release of mood-improving endorphins that can boost your confidence. An ideal way to lower inhibitions, better coordination, improve and enhance posture as well. An hour long session of Zumba can easily help you lose 500-600 calories depending upon the intensity of the workout. It is good to ensure you have your Zumba workout plan arranged as per your weight goals. A professional can help you figure this out.

Zumba instructors are licensed and can help you with a tailor-made Zumba dance workout plans that stick to the fundamentals of Zumba, at the same time ensuring creativity and fun. It provides an intense aerobic and muscular workout. You will certainly notice a whole new, if you practice it religiously. Zumba keeps you motivated as it is based on catchy soundtracks that ensure you have fun and not necessarily think of it as an exercise. It is the ideal way to strengthen and tone your body. There are multiple routines that feature interval training sessions. These are currently recognized as one of the best ways to burn fat and stay fit. Your goal should be to use the Zumba workout plan to the optimum so as to ensure fitness and a healthy weight.