Expecting mothers should join yoga classes

Yoga Classes
Yoga is life…

Yoga is an ancient form of oriental exercise which developed in the Indian subcontinent during the Iron Age. Yoga is basically a combination of aerobics training and meditation. The most prominent feature of Yoga is that it is not only beneficial for the body, but also for the mind. There are some people who practice Yoga for spiritual purposes. No doubt, Yoga as a form of routine based exercise is gaining immense popularity among the youth in Dubai.

The youth of Dubai is increasingly becoming health conscious. The rise in the instances of lifestyle diseases like obesity, hypertension, diabetes etc. have prompted the youth of Dubai to join various health and fitness regimes. These regimes include dance routines like Bounce, Zumba, and Capoeira etc. Aerobics is still popular among the youth as the ideal method to burn additional fat and tone the muscles. Recently, there has been an increased popularity of Yoga training too, as a form of physical exercise. There are several health centres and fitness centres in Dubai that offer yoga classes. The best thing is that most of these health centres and fitness centres employ experienced professionals for imparting Yoga training.

Hatha Yoga is the name by which Yoga is being marketed today. Hatha Yoga emphasises on the balanced alignment of the body while exercising. It helps in enhancing the coordination quotient of the body. Most significantly, Hatha Yoga is extremely beneficial for the metabolism of the body. Yoga classes in Dubai mainly teach Hatha Yoga, which is beneficial to men, women, kids and the old alike.

If you are thinking there is only one form of Hatha Yoga which is being taught in every health and fitness centre in Dubai, then you might be mistaken. There are many special and customized forms of Hatha Yoga taught in the Yoga classes of Dubai. Each of these forms is targeted to special segments of the population. There are Yoga classes specially designed for the old people. Yoga for kids is also gaining popularity among the young parents. Even the differently abled people too can avail the benefits of Yoga by taking up classes specifically designed for them. Recently, a few health centres and fitness centres of Yoga have started offering the service of Yoga specifically designed for pregnant ladies. Such Yoga is known as prenatal yoga in Dubai.

Prenatal Yoga classes allow the expecting mother to exercise the postures of Yoga in such a way that the workout routines do not create pressure in the abdominal region. Prenatal Yoga not only keeps the expecting mother fit and cheerful during the pregnancy period but also prepares her for an easy delivery. Prenatal Yoga also includes a few postures which are good for the health of the unborn child.


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