Workout plans and their importance

Pilates is basically a form of workout, which is aimed at creating an evenness in your body and improving your core strength. Workout plans in Pilates help to improve general fitness level and up your stamina.

Many people think that Pilates is a different version of yoga, and they may feel so in looking at the poses and the exercise. But it is not the same. Although the core mantra of both is to ensure a good mental and physical coordination. Developed by Joseph Pilates, this form came into being in his studio when he wanted to do something to invigorate his senses, create a mind-body-soul balance and improve his strength. His workout plans included wrestling, gymnastics, exercise and boxing. He coined the term “contrology” to explain his methods and continued to teach this across the globe.

Today it is one of the most popular forms of workout where there are several institutes offering this special degree in Pilates and core body training. So who exactly can do Pilates? Everyone! This form has something to offer for everyone and all can benefit from it. People of all ages, different level of fitness and athletes can all gain a lot form this workout. Pilates exercises will help them to gain good muscle control, flexibility, agility, strength and better endurance. There are certain apparatus that can help people in the process of training in Pilates.

The held benefits of Pilates cannot be stressed on more. Trainers and people who regularly practice Pilates say that they have experienced a great deal of improvement in their posture. They also have enhanced balance and joint mobility, less tension and stress and muscle tone. Many athletes have also stated that Pilates greatly improved their functional ability where they have a better control over their body, thus resulting in less injury. Like hatha yoga, Pilates will give you a great muscle tone, which will enhance your muscles and reduce the fat percentage in your body.

Many people ask the question that will Pilates help them to reduce weight. Well, it will certainly help you lose weight. It will keep your body in shape, help you with flexibility, and also improve your core. With time, you will see that your body maintains a healthy weight throughout. The core of Pilates workout plans is muscle strengthening and it does so without any doubt. If you want to shed a lot of weight in a quick span of time, you can combine your Pilates efforts with some cardio or aerobic activity like running, swimming or walking.


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