Get your workout monitored by a personal trainer in Dubai

Are you worried that the box of chocolates and the packet of chips that you ate will give you some extra weight? Or do you choose to remain ignorant of the ill effects of the french fries and big burger on your plate? Well, it is about time to give adequate care and attention to your own health. Research from across the world now suggest that it is essential for the body to get adequate exercise in order to stay in good health. The body requires at least twenty minutes of exercise or physical activity on a daily basis.

Workout need not necessarily mean exercising in the confines of a gym. Your workout could even begin at your own home. However, if you are a person who prefers a structured workout, it is preferable to head over to the gym nearest to you. Most gyms provide the best of infrastructure and other facilities for workouts. They also ensure that the workouts of individuals are guided, so that people stick to their workouts. But above all, guided workouts are important since the work outs should be done in a proper manner and the right way. A personal trainer in Dubai could be very helpful for such cases. The workouts would be completely monitored by the personal trainers. The injuries due to workouts can be nil in such cases.

However, if you are not a structured workout kind of person and prefer to have fun while working out, then pilates may be ideal for you. Pilates is performed with the help of certain specific pilates equipment. Pilates exercises require a lot of control and precision in the movements. They deliver a whole lot of benefits including:

  • Strengthening of the core muscles
  • Strengthening of the muscles and bones
  • Stabilizes and strengthens the back muscles
  • Strengthens the abdominal muscles
  • Improves flexibility
  • Improves the posture of individuals
  • Calorie burning and great for weight loss
  • Promotes overall good health

But if you are a person who loves to keep learning something new every now and then, Capoeira is a best for you. With Capoeira in Dubai, people are dancing their way to good health. This workout also includes elements of martial arts which ensures that the whole body gets a good workout. There are numerous classes for Capoeira in Dubai.

A workout need not be something you are forced into. It is best to choose a workout, which gives you happiness and which you love doing. Only this would ensure maximum health benefits.


Kickboxing in Dubai helps people kick away health worries

A few months have slipped by from the time we partied hard to welcome the New Year. It is time to evaluate your activities so far against your resolutions. Have you been able to stick your ‘all things healthy’ resolution so far? If not, we are just a few months away from the New Year again. You still have time to get back to the healthy lifestyle option.

The first way to go about this is to shake away all the lazy demons in you, who are getting in your way to good health. Get yourself a gym membership in Dubai at a gym closest to you. You will be quizzed on the lifestyle you lead, your health background along with other minor details. Once this process is completed, a workout plan would be customised for you. In a matter of a few months, you will see the difference in your own body and mind. After a few days into the workout, working out becomes a habit. Thereafter it would be less gruelling and more out of love. The motivation to work out regularly should be retained throughout the year.

When working out, especially for the amateurs, getting a personal trainer in Dubai becomes very helpful. They help in structuring our workouts and maintaining the motivation levels really high. Trainers help us in understanding the right manner in using an equipment. They also provide useful inputs on the diets and other lifestyle choices that can be taken in order to ensure great health. Unless diet and positive lifestyle habits are followed, working out may not deliver the best results.

Most gyms in Dubai also provide optional classes or workouts including dance, martial arts, and other alternative workouts. However, among these alternative options, kickboxing Dubai is quite popular. Kickboxing is a great lower body workout. It strengthens the core muscles and develops the bones and muscles to great health. It also a great way to learn self-defence, which can come handy in a life threatening situation. Apart from health benefits, kickboxing also boosts the confidence levels in people. These alternative classes help people to stick to the workout and learn something new along with working out. They help burn calories and get fit in a slightly different way. They are also very helpful in maintaining great health. Choose your way to good health soon and do not let the rest of the year slip by with weak resolutions and unattained health goals.

Eliminate stress from your life with Hatha yoga

The busy lifestyles that we all lead these days has led to increased stress levels in all of our lives. The stress levels have permeated to all the other areas of our lives including relationships, family and health. If there is a best way to deal with all of this, it is by adding in a little time to include physical activities into our lives. Adding physical activities and exercises helps reduce stress levels. In addition to this, including family and friends in the exercise routines would ensure healthy relationships. This is one of the best ways to spend quality time with your loved ones and take care of your health too.

Joining a gym for exercise would of course be a great idea. A gym in Dubai can also get you great discounts if you work out in big groups. Working out in a group helps people stay motivated throughout their workout. In addition, it also helps people strengthen their bonds better when they spend time together doing something they love. But more than all of this, exercising and working out helps relieve all that stress built up in the course of everyday life. Physical activity such as exercise releases endorphins into the body which are the feel good hormones, which kills the stress. Exercises help improve the moods of the people and can lower the symptoms of depression and anxiety in people.

Yoga is another great stress buster workout. Yoga helps work out the mind and the body. It is an intense workout which helps stretch out and exercise all the muscles in the body. Yoga also involves meditation and breathing exercises which further relaxes not just the body but also the mind and soul of the individuals. There are specific poses or asanas in yoga which are said to calm the person down and promote relaxation. Hatha yoga is one of the types of yoga, which in particular is very helpful as a stress reliever. There are different types of yoga, but they can be opted as per the individual preferences.

Pilates exercises are intense exercises which help incredibly in providing maximum relaxation to the mind and body of the individuals. It oxygenates the blood of the individual and further relaxes and calms the individual down. The number of negative effects of stress like sleep deprivation, weight gain, body ache, muscle problems can all be tackled effectively with this exercise.

Stress is not something which cannot be managed at all. It can effectively be tackled and managed. Only a little amount of effort would be required from the individual to manage this aspect.

Put fitness first in Dubai with a membership to a great gym

Today, people all over the world are falling prey to a host of lifestyle related diseases like diabetes, hypertension and hormonal imbalances and so on. This is taking a big toll on the human psyche. This phenomenon has brought about a surge in the health and fitness industry as gyms and health centres are sprouting everywhere. This is especially true in a city like Dubai where outdoor physical activity is almost impossible because of the inclement weather conditions.

When thinking of losing weight or becoming and staying fit most people opt for health clubs because they also provide spaces for massage or engage the services of a dietician. There are a large number of health clubs in Dubai. These offer a series of services for those in pursuit of weight loss. There are also various methods of exercise that are offered by these clubs so that members can choose the one that best suits them. For example, weight training can be undertaken by those who are interested in body building, aerobics and Zumba can be taken up by those who enjoy dance and movement. Capoeira can be chosen by people who are more agile or flexible. Some clubs even have spaces for games where members can exercise through a game of tennis or relax with a game of snooker.

Majority of people set out to lose weight very earnestly but unfortunately don’t sustain that energy or enthusiasm till they reach their goal. In such cases, the support of a personal trainer is invaluable. There are many personal trainers in Dubai whose services can be used. A personal trainer is someone who is well qualified in both nutrition and kinesthetic learning. Such a person helps plan a diet and exercise regimen ideally suited to the requirements of an individual.  The trainer works closely as the individual exercises and ensures that he or she works till the maximum energy is spent. This level is impossible to attain unless people have great will power. Thus through a personal trainer, the aim of weight loss can be reached easily.

Fitness is the new age mantra all over the world and with a whole gamut of physical problems, there are many people who are going to fitness centres. Fitness first in Dubai is one such centre that has a range of facilities and services ideally suited for those who want to lose weight or are seeking to become physically fit. The centre has the best in terms of equipment and plenty of well qualified trainers who can bring about a lot of change.

Pilates exercises can help tone the body and get fabulous abs

Today, fitness is an important part of everyone’s life. A large majority of people are in the quest for fitness. A plethora of lifestyle related diseases have put people on the alert and many constantly move towards exercise and good health. This kind of a change is assisted by a whole gamut of exercise and fitness options that can be seen today.

Setting out to lose weight and trying to be as determined as possible is something that sounds good and feels good but is often very challenging unless one possesses an amazing will power. Goals can be set but making them come true is sometimes impossible. This is where the role of a personal trainer in Dubai comes to the fore. Such a person is well trained in diet and exercise and with a detailed discussion can draw up a plan best suited to each individual. This trainer works individually with clients while they exercise to ensure maximum output. Even when the client may feel too tired to exercise the trainer helps in constantly keeping his or her goals in sight and encourages exercise. In most exercise patterns, it is the final few minutes that ensures maximum burning of fat but people usually don’t reach the point because they are too tired. A personal trainer ensures those few minutes through encouragement and thus, using the services of such a person will definitely cause both weight loss and good health.

A form of exercise that has evolved and become largely popular in the twentieth century is a combination of gymnastics, Greco roman wrestling and boxing. It was developed in the US by the German born Joseph Pilates and is called pilates exercise. This exercise focuses on both toning the body as well as developing core strength which makes it one of the most holistic exercise patterns available today. They provide both resistance training as well as support and can be altered to suit the needs of the person who is exercising. Pilates exercises involve the use of an exercise mat and quite a large array of equipment that includes the Wunda chair and the Reformer among many others. It improves posture, helps relieve even chronic problems like back pain and obesity, makes the joints more flexible and thus basically works towards creating a fitter individual.

For individuals who are more agile and flexible there is a form of exercise that was developed in Brazil in the sixteenth century that has become very popular today. It is none other than Capoeira which combines martial arts and dance and the movements are both fluid as well as a part of defence strategy. It has quick moves and kicks and is an ideally challenging exercise regimen for those who are already physically fit but are looking for a way to challenge their bodies. Capoeira in Dubai is gaining popularity amongst those who have stamina and are looking for a way to best utilise it.

Opt for Gyms in Dubai Marina to get healthy

Are you a fitness freak? Do you love your workouts? Do you think you are working out in the right way, though? Working out in an incorrect way can lead to major problems and can become worse than not working out. Do your test and find out if you are working out in the right way.

How structured and regular are your workouts? It is important to understand that workouts need to be to the correct level and nothing more. The gyms in Dubai Marina ensure to educate the people who come for training thoroughly on this aspect. Excessive training can be bad for the body because the body releases a hormone called ‘cortisol’. This hormone is also known as the stress hormone. This can only do more harm than good. So ensure to workout in the right manner and to the right level. It is best to infuse interval training into your workout and skip the steady state cardio. High intensity interval training is the best option for a great workout.

It becomes important to choose to workout in a regular routine. So make your workout plan and choose to workout at or around the same time every day. It is often said that mornings are the best time for workouts. When working out, it is important to understand that it has to be coupled with healthy eating. Your goals of great health cannot be reached if you exercise and binge eat at the same time. It is therefore important to avoid binge eating completely. It is also important to include free weights and floor exercise activities into the workout regimes in addition to working out with the equipment.

It is also important to understand the pre and post nutrition workout. The gyms in Dubai including the ladies gym in Dubai provide a detailed understanding of the nutrition required for the body while training. This is important to stimulate muscle growth. Most people save the difficult exercises including the abdominal exercises and planks for the end of the workout. However, it is towards the end of the workout that the body feels a lot more tired. Therefore, it is advisable to perform such exercises in the middle of the workout routine. It is also helpful to take a 60-90 second interval between every set of exercise.

Get the right workout at Crossfit Dubai

Do you think you have been working out for long and have not been getting the desired results? You probably have been doing your workouts wrong in that case. You may be committing the workout mistakes and it may be time for you to relook at your workout regime.

Losing weight is on the minds of most people who workout. They want to know the best exercise to lose weight. However, while working out people tend to focus on certain parts of their bodies where they think fat has accumulated. This is a wrong way to approach exercise. Working out just those particular muscles every single day would result in excessive training to these parts. This would end up in injuries. Therefore it is important to alternate the workouts, such as upper body for a day and lower body for a day. It is also important to warm up before the workout. This is so because the range of motion would be better when the muscles are lubricated after the workout. This reduces the risk of injury to individuals.

When the body gets active, it is also normal for the body to need to rest. Sleep is the only way the body can repair itself and the muscles. This is the process whereby the body releases growth hormones. It is therefore highly important to get a minimum of six to eight hours of sleep every day. Most people when exercise think it is right to starve their bodies and exercise the most. However, this is a completely wrong notion. Starving the body reduces the metabolism rate of the body and thereby reduces the rate of weight loss. It is not often that the gyms educate people of all the don’ts of workout. Gyms such as Crossfit Dubai ensure to provide the detailed understanding of working out in the right way to their members.

Stretching is also an important aspect which has to be included in the workout regime. This increases and betters the flexibility of the individuals. Once you start your workout regimen, it is important to stay consistent and stick to your workout schedules. Dropping out of the schedule often, will not yield good results. The most important thing to remember while working out is to keep sipping the liquids. It is important to keep the body well hydrated and provide sufficient amount of fluids.

If you have not started workouts yet, it is about time you search for ‘gyms near me’ on internet and enrol yourself in the best gym.

Take out time for health with yoga classes in Dubai

The words ‘hustle bustle’ are two words we all identify with. Especially living the city life, we hardly have any time to look around, stop by and enjoy our life. But above all, there is one aspect that is taking a backseat in our lives which is our health. We are all fighting against time and want more time to work and earn more money. Not being able to provide adequate time to our own selves and our health has become rather a habit. This has resulted in a radical increase in the number of health problems in our lives.

If we think this is something we cannot avoid, we are definitely wrong. Exercise has a host of benefits. It helps us stay away from a number of health issues. This would mean, an input of around thirty minutes of exercise in our daily lives can help us keep ourselves healthy. There are a host of health clubs in Dubai providing a range of health activities. For the people who are looking to give their health a boost, there are a host of options to choose from. These include workouts of martial arts, dance, regular gyms etc.

Yoga is one of the popular workout options in Dubai. There are many places hosting yoga classes in Dubai. Though traditionally, yoga has been a mixture of three elements which include meditation, breathing exercise and poses, it is the physical workouts which has attained popularity. It is also said to be a workout which delivers tremendous health benefits. In addition to general good health, yoga also helps increase the flexibility in individuals. It makes the bones strong and muscles well-toned.

Bikram yoga is the kind of yoga which is performed in a room heated up to around 104 degree Fahrenheit and with humidity of 40%. This branch of yoga has a set of 26 postures, which is practiced. Bikram yoga in Dubai is quite a popular workout and one of the best options for people looking to sweat it out to reach good health.

It is not just yoga or other workouts which would ensure good health though. For the people who want to begin their journey to good health, even twenty minutes of walking daily would do the job. It is important to understand the impact of the physical activities on the health. Putting it into practice would ensure both good health and a happy and balanced life.

Yoga classes in Dubai for good health

We all live a toxic life. The amount of toxins that we consume on a daily basis is astounding. We are consuming chemicals in our food and medicines. We are using them in cosmetics and daily use products. We have sailed far away from the organic life that humans once had, where eating an apple would keep them healthy. Today, you risk your health by eating an apple since the apple is most probably coated with a layer of wax to make it shine. It is also most probably bathed in numerous pesticides and insecticides.

Yoga classes in Dubai

Such being the case, we all need to look at healthier ways of living. This indeed being a huge step would have to kick off from eating healthy and including exercise in our daily lives. Human body requires exercise. Just like a machine would get rusted when left unused for a long time, human body requires ample amount of exercise. Yoga is one of the great ways to get good health. It is one of the high impact and low intensity exercises. The practice of yoga has been endorsed by a number of yogis across the world. Even science has backed this workout for the health benefits that it delivers. The workout requires hardly any external instruments and equipment. All you would require is probably a mat, which by itself is just optional. This system of yoga was developed over 5,000 years ago. It is said that the workout was inspired from the various poses from the nature, of the animals, birds and plants. Yoga classes in Dubai have been quite popular with the people of Dubai in the past few years.

The element of yoga that has found popularity among the people worldwide is the third element called the asanas. The other two important elements of yoga include dhyana or the meditation and pranayama or breathing exercises. A combination of these three, would bring in the best benefits to the health of the individuals. Apart from this, one of the most popular type of yoga is the yoga nidra. This is a form of guided meditation, where the body of the individual is completely relaxed, in a conscious state. This helps cool the body down and restores normal temperature in the body. It is also a great way to flush out the toxins from the body.

Hatha yoga or forceful yoga is yet another type of yoga which is also very popular in the city of Dubai. While choosing among the elements of yoga, make sure you start with something you are comfortable with. You can then gradually move on to the difficult parts.

Yoga workout plans and their benefits

Americans came in contact with the practice of yoga in the late 19th century. That is when a lot of yoga studios started cropping up across the country and today it is the most widely followed workout regime and a way of life for many practitioners and followers. Hatha yoga is very popular in America along with other countries across the world. It basically focuses on certain poses called asanas and breathing techniques that help in physical fitness and mental well being. There are nearly 200 hatha yoga postures, with tons of variations, which work to make the spine agile and encourage flow in all the organs, glands, and tissues.

The technique or the science of yoga was established in India over 5000 years ago. That was when sadhus and gurus from the Himalaya would go on a penance for years and years at stretch without talking. They would only meditate and that is how yoga was developed. It literally translates to “joint.” It is said that that maharishis attained nirvana or enlightenment through the practice of meditation. The reason being it calmed them down and brought inner peace and happiness. So that is the reason why different forms of yoga such as Hatha yoga, Nidra yoga, etc. are so popular.

Hatha yoga is known as the yoga for the physical body. In Sanskrit, “Ha” represents sun and “tha” represents moon. It basically bring two aspects your body together to combine or join them in a peaceful union. It is about finding balance and working with your physical body to establish a greater connection, balance, spiritual growth, release tension, and make a sacred space for yourself in your mind. Many workout plans in yoga revolve around not just physical but also mental fitness. Meaning less stress and tension and certainly a calmer mind.

The Sanskrit term Haṭha refers to “forceful” or “strong”. This is in reference to the powerful transformational techniques of Hatha and the results it forces to happen. Contrary to popular belief hatha actually uses a lot of meditation that is combined with poses and body locks that enable us to develop a sense of flexibility faster. The main philosophy of hatha is that is that it encompasses both the material and the mental well being of the body. It is not sole but rather a combination of techniques. Like Pilates exercises, yoga also helps in gaining core strength.

An immediate benefit of hath is that you experience a certain inner calmness that is hard to find in any other exercise. When you focus on your breathing and your poses, you feel calm from the inside. It also increases flexibility, strength, endurance and range of motion to enhance your balance and posture. This means, Hatha yoga practice will actually help you to prevent injuries. Many people believe that yoga doesn’t help to lose weight. But that is not true. Although not like a cardio activity, but any yoga will help you to tone your body much better than any other form of workout.