Hatha yoga and its soaring popularity

Becoming a mother is probably the biggest source of happiness a woman can get but the nine months of pregnancy are really overwhelming where extra care and caution needs to be taken in order to ensure the birth of a healthy and happy child. During this time your body will go through many changes simultaneously. It is important that you stay in a good state of mind and for this reason, gynecologists recommend prenatal yoga.

As your movements are restricted during the later months of pregnancy, you need to ensure that there is more movement during the initial months. A good way is to work on your pelvic muscles to ease the process of childbirth. Good yoga practice will aid in the healthy development of the fetus. Prenatal yoga in Dubai will help in regulated supply of oxygen, thus aiding in better growth.

Why join yoga classes

Yoga is considered one of the most powerful forms of meditation and exercises. It has the power to change your mind and your body, helping you with positive thoughts and a calm demeanor. The increasing number of yoga retreats, yoga studios and other facilities offering yoga classes is overwhelming. Across the world, people are recognizing the importance of yoga as a form of exercise and meditation.

What is hatha yoga

As a method, yoga is effective because it not only transforms your physical health but also your mental health. It helps to eliminate stress, which has become a part and parcel of our lives today. Through controlled breathing, you gain the ability to concentrate and focus on your mind without letting thoughts cloud your judgment. Plus, yoga is something that does not require a large space. Find one open corner in your home or in your garden and start meditating. There are so many forms of yoga like hatha yoga, nidra yoga, etc. and each of them have their own benefits and different poses to achieve maximum benefits from that.

Benefits of prenatal yoga in Dubai

For expecting mothers, yoga has become a form of bonding with other women who are going through the same changes that they are. Of course, it has its own benefits but this becomes an important factor when there is such a major change in their body. They will see a lot of changes in their mind and body post prenatal yoga in Dubai. There are so many classes today. With flexible timings and batches choose one that best suits you and make sure that you are doing this at least 5 times a week.


Enroll your kids for Yoga in Dubai

Yoga in Dubai

Health and fitness are the assets of human life. Needless to say, a healthy body is the temple of a healthy mind and a healthy mind is the key to happiness. However, a healthy body is not something which will be bestowed upon you with divine intervention. You must gain it with hard work and dedication. This value must get imbibed in a person since his or her childhood. This is the reason why you should encourage your kid to take up physical exercises as a part of their daily routine. However, it would not be a very wise decision to force your kid to practice any kind of physical fitness unless it interests him or her.

The good thing is that there are several gymnasiums and health centers in Dubai that offer classes especially designed for kids. You can make your kid join one of those classes as they promise quality training as well as proper care during the exercises. These classes are supervised by expert professionals who are specially trained for supervising kids’ exercises.

Yoga is undoubtedly the best form of exercise for kids. In fact, Yoga is highly beneficial for enhancing the growth of your kid. Yoga will also help your kid to gain physical strength and stamina. Yoga also helps in enhancing the metabolism of your kid’s body, which eventually helps in fighting diseases and maladies. The best form of Yoga in Dubai a kid can practice is Bikram Yoga.

There are a number of quality classes of Bikram Yoga in Dubai that offer practice slots for kids. The best thing about Bikram Yoga is that, apart from strength and stamina, it also helps in enhancing your kid’s body coordination and balancing power.

Another form of exercise not only good for your kid’s fitness but also highly enjoyable to him or her is kickboxing. Kickboxing involves high level of concentration and movement of several parts of the body. The best thing about kickboxing is that it will also train your kid to defend him or herself from attackers. The skill of kickboxing might come handy in any adverse situation of life. Moreover, the skill of kickboxing would also make your kid feel more self-confident. Kickboxing also helps in developing the competitive spirit in your kid, a value which has become essential in modern times. There are several kickboxing classes in Dubai as there are Yoga classes in Dubai that offer quality training by expert professionals. You can make your kid join one of them to develop a tough body.

Hire a personal trainer in Dubai for special training

personal trainer in dubai
Personal trainer helping woman working with heavy dumbbells

Going to the gym and sweating it out is important not just to lose weight but to be fit and strong. With the kind of desk bound lifestyles that we live, it is significant that we get moving and pumping. Due to most of our jobs, sitting on the desk and going about it is the only way, except an occasional meeting outside the office. But to ensure that there is daily movement for at least 30 minutes, you should take up some activity like swimming, yoga, etc. then you combine this with a personal trainer and get a curated workout plan that will keep you healthy and help you lose weight.

Many of you will agree that going to the gym can get pretty boring after a few times. That is one of the major reasons why people quit gyms so easily and often. It is not because of the laziness but because going through the mill can be really boring and soon you will lose interest. To combat this problem, try taking up a new form of workout. There are so many options available today apart from regular gyming with ample benefits. With a good personal trainer in Dubai, you can get fit and healthy while doing a different form of activity like Capoeira or Pilates or kickboxing.

Capoeira Dubai for working out

What is Capoeira? Since the past few years, this has increasingly become one of the most popular forms of workout. A Brazilian street art form, Capoeira uses dance and martial arts’ moves to create a fine balance of muscles and movement. It makes use of high intensity movements that requires all the muscles of the body to participate thus inducing overall workout. Capoeira in Dubai is popular because of its street-smart format and innovative technique.

Pilates exercises for toning

While Capoeira will help you to lose weight faster, it is not always the only criteria to join a fitness programme. Many people are looking at toning their body and making their muscles strong along with losing weight. So, for this criteria, you can try Pilates. In Pilates, you do different poses and sequences where you hold your body in a certain pose for a longer time which ensures increased strength and endurance to exercise longer. Pilates exercises are great to tone and strengthen your body. They help you to achieve a lean and strong body type along with better muscle control.

Hire a personal trainer in Dubai for training

While training at a gym on a regular basis may or may not require the help of a professional trainer. But when you workout with a goal or with a certain body type in mind or even if you are learning something new, you need professional help and that is when personal trainer in Dubai come into the picture. They ease you into the process of the workout, help you to understand what areas you need to work on and also help you to understand your diet. They create a comprehensive plan for you based on how you workout, when you workout and how long you should workout for.

Find your best exercise to lose weight

Does moving to a new city scare you? Do you worry about having to give a break to your fitness routine, when travelling? Lay all your fears to rest now! The city of Dubai is all set to welcome people like you with open arms. Numerous gyms and health clubs help people use their services for a short period of time. The advantage of this, other than being able to continue your fitness routine is that you would be able to access some of the best gym and health club services of the world, that the city of Dubai is famed to have.

Crossfit Dubai is one of the best and most popular gyms of the city of Dubai. It offers some of the best workout technologies, equipment and instruments, which the customers can make use of. In the day and age of tremendous stress and busy lifestyles, it is important to compartmentalize each person’s daily routine, accommodating fitness work outs, so as to ensure that health does not take a back seat and quality attention is provided to the health of the individual.

Finding a gym close to the location where you are put up has become very easy, that just a simple search on the internet, with the key words ‘gyms near me’ would provide you with numerous options out of which you could choose one. The absence of exercise and physical activities in our daily lives has led us to face numerous health issues and complicated health problems, which means exercising becomes all the more important for a good life.

One of the most common problems that most people face today is the problem of obesity. The only thing that runs in their minds is to find the best exercise to lose weight. However, it is important to understand that in order to stay in shape and lose calories, your diet has to be well controlled and a lot of healthy nutrition must be included in the diet. Secondly, it would also be very important to add in a lot of exercise and physical activity, so the body fat is worked upon and broken down. Losing weight and burning calories cannot happen overnight and it is a result of a lot of hard work and control that a person would have to exercise.

Capoeira in Dubai improves your body coordination

Coordination is an important characteristic of a fit body. It might seem that the coordination mechanism of the body just protects us from tripping over and falling down, but what many ignore is that the right coordination is a prerequisite for attaining a healthy posture, high flexibility and enhanced endurance of the body.  There are a lots of exercise types which are believed to be improving the body coordination. However, a few special types of exercises are proven to be magically useful in body coordination maintenance. Here are five such activities.

  1. Swimming
    Swimming is known as the best outdoor aerobic exercise. Swimming provides the body with a streamline agility and improves the spinal posture. It involves coordinated movement of limbs in water, enhancing better control of the torso. It not only helps in developing an enduring stamina in the body, but also improves the way the spinal cord maintains body coordination. One can join any local swimming pool and spend couple of hours in water regularly.
  2. Yoga
    Yoga provides stability to the body. A number of Yoga poses have been hailed as great coordination improving exercises since the ancient time. Poses like the Tree, Extended Triangle and Lord of Dance have been observed to improve body coordination significantly with regular try. However, one must take up the services of professional instructors while practicing the Yoga poses for better results. One can find the best Yoga centers in Dubai who offer the services of personal trainers in Dubai.
  3. Pilates
    Pilates emphasizes on the controlled movement of the torso and the limbs. A regular try of Pilates develops high endurance in the joints and the limb muscles and wonderfully improves body coordination. Pilates exercises should be practiced with the help of an experienced instructor. There are several centers that offer classes of Pilates. The best health club and fitness center offering Pilates can be searched online using modern health and fitness online search applications.
  4. Capoeira
    Although kickboxing is a form of art, its unique style of exercising is extremely beneficial in providing coordination to the body. One can enroll oneself in Capoeira classes and try the art under expert supervision. Capoeira in Dubai is a trend gaining massive popularity due to its many benefits. Capoeira also provides one with the confidence of being adept in maintaining an upright personality.
  5. Biking
    Probably the simplest exercise one can try to improve coordination is biking. It can be either bicycling or motor biking. One should try biking on smooth roads in the beginning and gradually start practicing it on rough terrains in order to coordinate one’s body with different external conditions. However, one should be properly guarded with helmets, etc. while biking outdoors.

Have you booked yoga classes in Dubai for yourself yet?

Yoga is the latest fitness trend across the world and reportedly has more than forty million people practicing it across the world. For those of you looking to gain good health this New Year, without to many physical injuries and through a low impact workout, Yoga is your simple solution. This is a great workout which will deliver maximum health benefits and also leads to minimum health injuries. The stretches, twists and asanas of Yoga are a great way to progress to great fitness and health.

Through the years, a number of different types and versions of the workout have come to be practiced by many people, out of which Bikram Yoga in Dubai, is one of the most popular new age forms of Yoga. This form of Yoga requires a person to perform Yoga poses in a room heated to around 108 degree Fahrenheit temperature, which is said to help the

  • Body relieve stress
  • Stretch and become supple
  • Make the muscles warm and therefore ease the movements
  • Relieve aches and pains in the body
  • Help people with arthritis, knee injuries and such other health issues

If all of this sounds interesting enough, Bikram Yoga is your way to get sweaty to reach good health and great fitness levels.

Apart from this, regular Yoga classes in Dubai are extremely popular, which are opted by increasing number of people in the city of Dubai. More and more people have realized the need to maintain great health and include fitness workouts as part of their daily routine. Most people in Dubai, try and make this a family activity, which helps the families in Dubai bond in the midst of all the crazy routines and schedules, in addition to treading the path of fitness together. This is a great workout for people belonging to all age groups, be it adults, the aged or the children.

Of all the fitness workouts available in the city, Yoga in Dubai is one of the most opted and popular workouts, which can be found at a number of gyms, health clubs and other health centers. This workout in addition to helping a person reach the ideal fitness levels, also helps them understand their body, and in being in unison with their body and mind. It helps them soothe their own soul and calm themselves in addition to introspecting themselves. It is no wonder that this age old workout, is still in high demand all over the world!

Zumba classes in Dubai are the new favorite form of workouts

Many of us hate going to the gym to get fit. Although we do want to get fit, going to the gym is something that not many of us like. The reason being, many people complain or quit gyms because after a while all the sessions become monotonous and boring. The same old treadmill run, the same old weight lifting, there is no interest, innovation or energy in the workouts after a while. So how do you combat that? How do you break the mold? You take up something innovative like Zumba classes to stay fit. Or joining some other form of exercise if that gets your interest.

Exercising doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to work out on an equipment or run, it means moving your body to give it the required flexibility, agility and strength. The main aim is to pump your heart. With Zumba classes in Dubai it is now possible to combine your love for dancing with exercising. Who doesn’t love dancing or an occasional dance? We all do. Zumba helps you to love dance makes it an exercise to keep fit.

For a long time now, Zumba has been one of the major workouts that has drawn women towards exercising. Women of all ages, shapes, and size can do Zumba without worrying about anything. This exercise will help you to lose weight and at the same time, keep you pumped and fit. This can be combined with aerobics classes to give your workouts an extra boost. But Zumba in itself is a great way to work out and exercise. It basically makes use of rhythmic dance movements, which is not too high in intensity to ensure that all areas of the body are getting good movement.

Being a cardio-vascular workout, Zumba is very beneficial for losing weight. It can easily be termed as an aerobic activity. Regular workouts like these will ensure positive mental benefits like reduction in anxiety and depression and low stress levels. Aerobics classes see a lot of takers today and you will be thrilled with the different type of workouts they offer. They build your stamina, make you more flexible, and increase your strength, endurance, and overall physical functioning. The aim is to train your lungs, heart and your entire system to pump blood faster and keep you active and energized.

Capoeira in Dubai – your new way to get fit

Gyms and health centres in Dubai are getting memberships like never before. Needless to say, there is a heightened awareness about the importance of health and workout, especially among the youth. Busy lifestyle and unhealthy food habits have started showing their ill-effects in the form of lifestyle diseases like hypertension, insomnia, diabetes and obesity. People are experiencing more and more stress from their work. People have realized that the lack of physical activity is a crucial factor behind this condition. This is the reason why a lot of people have taken charge of the situation and turned to physical exercises to take of their bodies.

The good thing is that you find no gym in Dubai, which would not be well equipped. They offer a wide range of health services like aerobic exercises, sports training, Yoga training, weight training, dance and also martial arts. These health clubs and workout centres employ experienced professionals who train with utmost care. Additionally, the health clubs also employ health consultants and dieticians who advise on the right diet. The exercising equipment installed in those health centres are also of top-notch quality meeting international standards.

Interestingly, a variety of offbeat forms of exercises are gaining popularity in Dubai. Dance forms like Capoeira in Dubai and Zumba, amongst others, are super hit, especially with the youngsters. Fun activities wonderfully designed as health regimes like Bounce is also taking up the centre-stage among many peer groups.

Worthy to mention is the rising prominence of gyms offering yoga in Dubai. Yoga is being perceived as a complete workout regime which not only benefits the body but also the mind. Most gyms in Dubai have trained professionals who take classes for the yoga enthusiasts.

A new trend is also witnessing prominence in recent years. And that is, customized health regimes for focussed demographic segments. Health experts understand the need of different forms and intensity of exercises for different segments of the society. This gives rise to the services of health regimes specifically for kids, for expecting mothers, for lactating mothers and for the old. If you visit a gym in Bur Dubai, you can also have a special health regime designed only for you, according to your physical needs and convenience. This kind of personalized health regime designs are going to revolutionize the way gyms function.

Needless to say, with the rising crowd in the gyms in Dubai, the market of workout related services has become highly dynamic and full of opportunities. More and more gyms and workout centres are set to open with enhanced features and innovative services in order to cater the health conscious population in Dubai.

Find peace and health with Yoga classes in Dubai

Evaluation of our own fitness becomes very important at every phase of our lives. It would not be for long that we could stuff all the fries and burgers, and still be healthy. Fitness definitely has to be on our to-do lists; if we don’t do it ourselves the arrival of health ailments will make us do it.

Medical professionals these days spread the awareness in every possible way, about the importance of physical exercise and fitness. The gyms and health clubs in Dubai are also holding many awareness camps around the city to spread awareness amongst people. Exercise is extremely important for the body to stay healthy. It maintains the bodily activity and regulates the bodily functions. Exercise is one the best ways to strengthen and improve the cardiac health, bones, joints and muscles. It helps people tone up their bodies and improve overall strength. It also helps improve the flexibility and co-ordination in individuals. It is important to exercise, in order to have a healthy and fit life.

Apart from the regular and conventional gym workouts, yoga is very beneficial. This workout is said to have its origins way back thousands of years ago. Its combination of meditation, workout and breathing techniques guarantee great health and balanced living in individuals. Yoga classes in Dubai are conducted by trained professionals, which could be made use of to help us stay healthy and fit. They help people introspect and find unity of mind, body and spirit. Yoga is a great stress reliever and helps people calm their minds in the hustle bustles of life. It is the best workout for children, adults and the aged persons alike.

With time, there are a number of different types of yoga that have evolved and one such is Bikram yoga. Classes that conduct Bikram yoga in Dubai can be found at various places including numerous gyms and health clubs. Typically, on class would last for ninety minutes. It consists of around twenty six postures and two breathing exercises. This form of yoga is practiced in a room heated to the temperature of 104 degree Fahrenheit. It is said that performing the exercises in such temperature and humidity helps burn a lot more calories.

It is important for people to take the necessary steps towards good health and fitness, before any health emergency calls for it. Any kind of fitness program, physical exercise would help in leading a happier and healthier life.

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Lead a healthy life by practicing Yoga in Dubai

Yoga in Dubai

In the midst of all the hustle bustle that life throws at us, we sometimes take our selves – our physical and mental health for granted. We forget to tend to our own selves. We forget to take care of our bodies and our own well-being. We are too engrossed in getting through the day, busy catching up deadlines, making money till the end of the day. The result being, great work life, but bad family life and neglected health. We wait for that alarm to hit, to start treading the path of fitness. But why wait for that health alarm?

Most of the times, when we go on our annual vacations, we just dream of extending it for one reason or the other, never wanting to return to our sleep-eat-work routine. We want to get out of that rut to have some pleasurable and leisure time for our own selves. One way to find contentment in your daily life, while working and earning money is to exercise. Exercise can push you towards adopting a healthy lifestyle. But apart from that, exercise helps people relax their bodies and minds. It helps them route some time to looking after their bodies and minds. It helps them understand their own bodies better. Gyms in Dubai are great places to kick-start your workouts. They can help you understand what your body needs, and recommend exercises accordingly. They guide your workouts, and help you get fit over a period of time. They stimulate the calm state of mind thereby helping you become happier with yourself.

The next obvious question would be: How does exercise make us happy?

  • It releases endorphins, the happy chemicals into your brain, which triggers feelings of pleasure and happiness
  • It helps relieve stress
  • It energizes your minds and bodies
  • It is a great confidence booster
  • It helps you sleep better

Instead of repeating the rut every single day, why not do something which brings happiness? Yoga is another satisfying workout. Yoga involves three elements – meditation, breathing and posture. The combination of these three elements eliminate the sorrows and tension weighing on your mind. It makes you calmer and happier. It helps you connect to your inner selves and unifies the body, mind and spirit. Yoga in Dubai has been helping the people of Dubai get fit and stay happy and content. Instead of late night TV watching or after work hours video games sessions, choose to do a healthy workout or practice some yoga to see the difference yourself.

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