What do people love about CrossFit Dubai

Crossfit Dubai

At some point in life, you all must have encountered a CrossFit enthusiast. They will be talking about it all the time, showing off their sexy and toned arms or simply going on about the importance of it. So what exactly is Crossfit Dubai and why is it so popular that people cannot stop talking about it. According to experts, CrossFit is a training programme, which combines other elements of exercising like aerobics, cardio, core training, gymnastics, and weight lifting. It is basically a full body workout where a lot of importance is given to train every muscle of the body to ensure faster and maximum results in a short span of time.

An average training time for a Crossfit workout is 45 minutes and if you are doing it 5 days a week or 7 days a week, you will not repeat the workout session twice in that week. So there is a new workout, which ensures high intensity to work on all the areas of the body. If you are getting private classes in Crossfit Dubai, your trainer will either develop his own routine as per your endurance and strength or use the one that is available on the global Crossfit website. Both are highly recommended and are equally beneficial to the person.

Growth of yoga in Dubai
A complete opposite of Crossfit in terms of workout is yoga. Internationally, it has become one of the most important form of working out and meditating. There are tons of international studios offering special training in yoga. Come to Dubai and you will see how yoga in Dubai has grown in the past few years. People have realized the benefits of this form of workout and it is evident in the way things are shaping up at gyms and yoga studios.

Yoga in Dubai for women
More number of people are now willing to participate in this. The number of registrations has shot up considerably. There is no age bar or gender bar and people from everywhere are getting their yoga pants and heading to the gym. Women also have special classes with flexible timings. Yoga in Dubai has become really popular because of its many benefits like a relaxed state of mind, better body, flexibility, core strength, increased metabolism, increased endurance etc.

Benefits of Crossfit Dubai
Coming back to Crossfit, benefits like increase in strength, better cardiovascular endurance, better balance and coordination among body parts and organs, enhanced accuracy and better reflexes, increased flexibility, heightened speed and sense of respiration, more power and stamina, and agility. All these are the major benefits of Crossfit Dubai.


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