Learn yoga for beginners

A new art form that is getting popular these days in Dubai is Capoeira. It is a form of art that amalgamates the elements of sports, martial arts and music. Capoeira in Dubai is used as a vital means to import the culture of Brazil to Dubai. The combined aspect of these three elements works really well. People who practice this art form experience overall body wellness.

The history of Capoeira is interesting. It is the descendants of African slaves in Brazil that formulated Capoeira in the early 16th century. The art was created as a means for the slaves of Africa to cope up with the struggles that they experience in the unfamiliar and hostile land. The authorities as well as the officials of Portuguese were on a massive hunt for these slaves. This made it hard for the slaves to survive in the outside world. Slaves who were able to escape successfully build their communities away from the colonizers. So capoeira was in a way a medium to cope up as well as survive in the unchartered territories.

A number of institutes teaching Yoga in JLT also teach Capoeira that involves a variety of swift as well as complex moves by both the lower as well as the upper body. It consists of about 72 basic moves that vary from simple dancing steps to some extremely breathtaking as well as the complex moves that you can learn only after regular practice and proper training.

As of now, there are two main styles of Brazilian Capoeira that are taught in the yoga institutes. First style is the regional capoeira. This form is pretty popular for its fluid displays of high flying kicks, acrobatics and some strong attacks. So, in case you wish to learn regional capoeira then it is vital for you to possess agility as well as speed. Second style in the Brazilian Capoeira is Angola. Angola is an extremely relaxed version of the Regional Capoeira. This form is rather aggressive and requires the involvement of high impact moves.

Irrespective of the style that you engage in you should be adept in using the ground movements, elbows, head, hands, butt, counterattacks as well as variety of other takedowns.

yoga for beginners class

In more ways than one capoeira is better than yoga. So you can either chose Capoeira in Dubai or do it alongside your yoga for beginners class. Together, these will aid in giving your body the requisite strength and flexibility.


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