Tips before starting Zumba classes in Dubai

We all must have heard about the conventional dance workouts or the traditional aerobics classes. However, people today are looking at the other options as well as alternatives to stay sexy and fit. If you too are one of those, why not enroll yourself in a Zumba class? Today there is a variety of dance schools, gyms as well as the fitness centers offering Zumba classes. In case you are interested in learning Zumba here are some prerequisites that you must keep in view before enrolling in such classes.

Take a check on the location – Of course the closer it is, better it is going to be, however, this doesn’t mean that you have to completely ignore the facilities available in the gym or studio where you’ll learn Zumba. Ensure that the floor is neither slippery nor rough. This will prevent injuries during workout. Also enquire about the presence of a medical cabinet. This is especially helpful if you or other mates in your Zumba class undergo an accident.

Second, before you join Zumba classes or any other aerobic classes, have a talk with the instructor or the trainer. Know the background as well as the past experience of the trainer. This will be particularly helpful in understanding the skill and talent of the trainer. Moreover, since Zumba is more of a dance form, the instructor must have a good and sound dance background. Also you’ll know the kind of vibe you share with the trainer. Zumba is a dance form that requires you to be free in your body and mind. It will come out best only if you share a good bond with your instructor or teacher.

Third, be realistic about your capabilities and choose a level accordingly. Just like other dance forms, Zumba too is sub-divided into several levels so, you have to accept your capability and then opt likewise. In case you have never tried this dance form before then you must start with the beginner’s class. However, if you are already into dancing and have tried similar dance forms such as cha-cha, samba, salsa or other Latin dances then you can opt for an upgraded level. For a trained dancer picking up things is definitely easier.


So now, that you know about these important points of consideration you are ready to get yourself enrolled in one of the best Zumba classes in Dubai. Get yourself the right exercise garment and hit the dance studio. Also remember the Zumba workout can often be very strenuous so you must keep a check on your diet and drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated. Do not eat large meals rather you can eat several small meals in a span of every 2-3 hours.


Get a personal trainer from Dubai for special training

personal trainer in dubai

Dubai is one of the most business savvy places in the UAE. Being an important center for work, the high-pressure lifestyle in such a place always tends to take a toll on your health. Long working hours, high pressure, severe deadlines, and steady job demands on a regular basis often causes unnecessary health issues. That is the reason why personal trainers in gyms has become a common thing in the city.

Many of the centers and gyms will give you an option of either training with a trainer or on your own. If you are someone who has done this whole routine before or are a regular gym member since a long time, doing it on your own will make sense. But if you are a first timer or training towards a specific goal, then you should go with a personal trainer in Dubai. This is because personal trainers will help you to work out on the specific areas of the body that you want to target and help you get ready in time and achieve your fitness goal faster. They help to develop personalized goals and also help set up a realistic and achievable plan to attain them.

Different people have different reasons for joining gym. Some may do it because they want to lose weight. Others may do it because they want to get fit. Some maybe doing it for some special training etc. It is important to identify your goal and select a workout plan that best suits you. For many people, weight loss is not the only reason to hit the gym, but even toning your body is important. So something like Pilates exercises may work best for you. Because they help you to tone and strengthen your core.

Today there are tons of different types of workouts that you can choose. Try zumba, which combines dancing in slow and rhythmic steps to burn calories and push your body to get it working. Another very new form of workout is Capoeira. It is basically an amalgam of aerobics, self defense moves, dance, and acrobatics along with music. A Brazilian street art form, it has slowly made its way into modern fitness centers as an important and innovative form of exercise. Capoeira Dubai has gained a lot of prominence over the years as being one of those workouts, which help you to enhance your reflexes.

One of the main reasons why most of us hate going to the gym is the routine. After a point, we all want to quit because who will run on a treadmill all day long? But with the kind of options you have today, you need not worry about boredom. There is something for everyone and we are sure that you will find your perfect workouts once you get a personal trainer in Dubai. They can help you to get in the best of shape while maintaining your interest.

Dance away your life blues with Zumba for beginners

We all live in a day and age, where we all look to find short cuts for everything. Let’s be honest, we love short cuts! But when it comes to good health and fitness, there is no short cut or an easy way out. Only hard work and a lot of efforts would work in order to reach great fitness. Many people have different routes to get to good health and fitness and one of the most well-known workout to get fit and healthy with a dash of fun is Zumba.

Zumba is one of the best forms of health workouts, which is a mixture of a serious round of workouts along with oodles of fun. A one – hour fun session of this workout would help people lose more than 800 calories. This is a great way to get toxins out of the system as well. The workout is a good mix of aerobic exercises and dance moves performed to the tunes of hip-swaying Latin music. The tempo of the music swings from slow to fast which helps people warm themselves up.

Zumba for beginners.jpg

Classes are conducted for Zumba for beginners and Zumba for the advanced learners. This dance workout delivers a number of health benefits, which include:

  • Regulation of the blood pressure and insulin levels in the body along with having a balanced good and bad cholesterol level
  • Great for weight loss and body toning
  • It helps the body get more flexible, with a lot of moves which stretch the body and the muscles of the individuals
  • It helps people lift their spirits up, by the release of a healthy dose of endorphins into the body, which also gives a calm and relaxing feel to the person
  • It helps people sleep better
  • It increases the metabolism in the person in addition to strengthening the reflexes of the people

Zumba classes in Dubai are getting quite popular with the people belonging to all age groups. Many Zumba instructors are also conducting Zumba classes for children, which most of the children love. It creates a fun atmosphere, where children get to be free and dance away. This is a great workout for the people who are looking to alternate methods reaching their fitness goals and for those who are looking for other means of reaching their health goals being tired of the monotony that other conventional forms of exercise offer. For those who are just looking for something new, Zumba is just perfect to add onto your list of new things for this brand New Year!

Get your package of good health at gyms in Dubai

A good night’s sleep and a day with no aches and pains would just be a perfect way to retire at the end of the day. To make this an everyday business, it is important that the individuals improve their lifestyle and inculcate good practices throughout their daily lives including infusion of exercises and balanced diet. In order achieve this, either strong self – motivation and strong will or a good planner in the form of a nutritionist, dietician, and fitness coach would be essential. Once a plan is designed, it also becomes very important to stick to the plan and work towards to the goal of fitness.

Gyms are one of the best places where the entire fitness plan can be customized according to the health requirements of each person. Gyms house a number of equipment, which can be used by individuals in their journey to fitness and good health. The equipment such as tread mills, weights, trainer machines, etc. can be used to get fit and to reach the fitness goals of the individuals. It becomes very important for individuals to be able to understand their fitness goals and their body needs. For this purpose, a gym would be a great option since the trainers at the gym would help in carving out a perfect workout plan and to help the person understand the fitness goals that he should have in his own mind. For this purpose, the gyms in Dubai engage some of the best health trainers who would help the individuals in designing their detailed health and fitness goals in line with the recommendations of the dieticians and nutritionists.

Apart from a regular gym workout, many people prefer to engage themselves in an alternative form of workout such as capoeira. Capoeira in Dubai is one of the workouts which is in high demand and is sought after by people belonging to all age groups. This Brazilian workout mixes elements of dance and martial arts to create a sensational acrobatic workout, which is performed to music which changes its pace from slow to fast beats. This is also a great workout to make new friends since this is a group workout and would also be engaging and a lot of fun. It is also said to give people great psychological benefits along with the obvious physical benefits, which include high level of fitness and good health.

Yoga is one of the workouts which helps people derive a huge number of benefits including both physical and psychological benefits. This ancient workout form includes three major elements such as

  • dhyana (meditation),
  • asana (movements) and
  • breathing

The breathing patterns are uniquely designed according to the body movements and help to derive the maximum number of benefits when performed in the right manner. Therefore it is important to be guided by a good yoga professional for yoga in Dubai.

Did you make your New Year workout plan?

The beginning of every year sees a number of resolutions flying past left, right and center. The most often taken resolution is of weight loss or to get fit. If you have this resolution on your list, read on! With age, one of the things which human bodies go through is deterioration or wear and tear. In order to deal with such wear and tear, it is important to keep ourselves healthy and on the top of our own games. This would mean a lot of hard work from our end which would include health practices in our daily lives, exercises and balanced dietary intake.

Food is one of the important areas which needs our attention at the earliest. It is important to understand the science of calories and the speed at which we could gain and lose calories. This simple understanding would help us deal with weight issues effectively. Regulating our dietary intake, eating food and nutrition which our body requires, is very important. In addition to this, putting our body to physical labor or exercise is of utmost important! These health activities are very essential in regulating the bodily activities and functions. Therefore, physical labor, manual working at home or getting a gym membership in Dubai would be the best solution to the problem of weight, health and fitness.

Most of the gyms in Dubai throw in a list of alternative work outs including the regular gym workouts. They include different classes such as kettle bell classes, yoga classes, martial arts classes, boxing classes, kick boxing classes and many other such classes which individuals could enroll and take part to get out of the gym work out monotony. These are great options for healthy workouts. The gyms also provide a structured workouts where people could use the gym equipment, as per the recommendations of the gym trainers and coaches. These would be customized to the health needs of the individuals.


On joining gyms, most gyms provide customized workout plan to the individuals after consultation with the individuals and after detailed understanding of the daily schedule, diets and lifestyle of the individuals. However, people could also start out with their own fitness plans, keeping in mind a few pointers such as:

  • It is important to change the body to get fit, but it important to ensure that you do not punish the body, while doing so.
  • It is important to understand your body, before prescribing yourself a list of exercises.
  • It is important to have a good diet and good sleep along with exercise.
  • It is important to do exercise, but it is also important not to overdo exercise.
  • It is important to watch your breath while you exercise.

Good health and fitness is a great culmination of good health habits, eating habits, exercises and everyday life style. It would be best to have supervision over the entire workout, but it is important to take the first small step towards the health and fitness goal.

Zumba dance workouts are delivering great health

It is time to welcome a brand new year and a bunch of resolutions for the New Year. Resolutions to be good and do well throughout the year. But one of the most common resolutions that most people take up is to stay fit and healthy. Staying fit and healthy is not just an item that can be bought off the shelf from any of the super markets. It is something that has to be achieved with a lot of hard work and dedicated workouts. Apart from working out at the gyms or running on the tread mill, many other alternative workouts are in demand.

Zumba is one such workout which is one of most sought after workouts and which is said to help lose around eight hundred calories in a single session. This workout is a mix of dance steps along with exercises which are performed to the tunes of fast paced Latin and world music. It is a great workout to exercise all the muscles in the body and tone the entire body. Zumba is a step ahead of kick boxing and step aerobics. It is a great way to relax and rewind from the stresses of life. Zumba classes in Dubai are conducted in a group format. These workouts are also conducted for children, which is a great way for the kids to enjoy, relax and socialize with other kids. Many Zumba trainers are also holding classes that are different forms of Zumba workouts, including aqua Zumba or Zumba training incorporating the use of weights.

Zumba dance workout has a number of benefits:

  • It is a great workout to work on the core muscle groups of the body and helps strengthen the core muscles of the body.
  • It is a great workout to tone the entire body.
  • The rhythmic movements of the workout also helps in developing strong ham string muscles and calf muscles.
  • It is a great workout to develop strong abs.
  • It helps develop strong back muscles.
  • It is a great workout to improve the flexibility of the individuals.
  • It is a high energy workout.
  • It is also a good way to socialize with other people and develop a bigger network of friends.

As a beginner and an amateur, it is best to enroll for classes of Zumba for beginners, which would help the amateurs learn each of the moves in detail, thoroughly. This would also help the individuals understand the basics of the workout and will help avoid any injuries which could arise during the workout. This is a great dance workout to make loads of friends, to have lots of fun and also get in shape. Zumba is the ultimate cardio workout, which also promises strong lung health and keeps the skin radiant and healthy. It flushes out the toxins from the body and helps the skin breathe good health.

Increasing popularity of Crossfit Dubai

If you are wondering which form of exercise to take up as your daily regime, we understand the confusion you are going through. Undoubtedly, Dubai offers a wide range of options of physical exercising. Most gymnasiums and fitness centres in Dubai conduct classes of various weight-based and dance-based health regimes. The best thing most of these classes are supervised by trained professional who have accreditations from reputed institutes.

The market of fitness products and services is witnessing heavy growth in Dubai. The youth of Dubai, tired of the monotonous lifestyle along with instances of lifestyle diseases like hypertension, depression, diabetes and obesity are keen on taking up physical exercise as a regular habit. This is the reason why memberships in the gymnasiums and health centres of Dubai are ever increasing and the gymnasiums are also offering enhanced services to the customers.

Classes for aerobic exercise are the most sought after routines in Dubai. Aerobics increases the metabolism of the body and helps in fighting diseases. Aerobics also tones up the muscles of the body, and is a necessary fitness routine if you want to achieve a muscular and aattractive physique. Aerobics also strengthens the muscles of the limbs. Moreover, aerobics is a very refreshing form of exercise; no doubt, it is the most popular exercise among the working professionals of Dubai.

Interestingly, the ancient form of oriental exercise, Yoga is gaining immense popularity in Dubai. Yoga, marketed by the name, Hatha Yoga is a beautiful combination of aerobic steps and postures and meditation. Yoga is not only good for the body, but also for the mind. Yoga in Dubai is offered by a large number of gymnasiums who have employed professional Yoga trainers. The best thing is that these gymnasiums also offer customized Yoga classes for different demographic segments. There are specialized Yoga classes for kids, old people, and pregnant ladies as well new mothers.

Besides, the gymnasiums and fitness centres of Dubai have also introduced offbeat fitness routine classes such as Bounce and Crossfit. Crossfit Dubai is becoming the next hotspot for youngsters of Dubai because of its unique style of incorporating power moves with weight training. Crossfit is globally becoming a popular form of exercise as it delivers lots of benefits to the body along with helping in bodybuilding. Dance based fitness routines such as Bounce and Capoeira are also excellent forms of exercises. Classes of Bounce and Capoeira also provide the practitioner with an opportunity to socialize with like-minded people and to make new friends from among them. Group activities also enhance the learning ability of a person and make mundane steps highly enjoyable. You would really enjoy and take benefits at the same time by taking up a membership in any quality gymnasium in Dubai.

The best pools in Dubai

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Pregnancy is a crucial period of one’s life. It is the time when you should not only take care of yourself, but also of a new life, which is deriving its nourishment from you. One should be very careful during this time. However, there are certain myths associated with the duties of an expecting mother. Most people believe that one should be in complete rest during the months of pregnancy, which is actually a wrong notion. Exercising is equally important as rest for a pregnant lady. In fact, there are a few forms of exercise which are especially beneficial for the health of the pregnant woman and the unborn child.

If one is confused while deciding which form of exercise should be taken up during pregnancy, she should immediately consult her physician. However, there is heavy chance that the physician would suggest her to join classes of prenatal yoga Dubai. Prenatal yoga is a special form of Yoga, which has been designed by the Yoga specialists to suit the physical requirements as well as limitations of a pregnant lady. Prenatal yoga would not only benefit the body of the expecting mother and the unborn child, but also keep her mind calm and cheerful. Prenatal Yoga also prepares the expecting mother for an easy delivery.

Another form of exercise which is highly beneficial for the body of a pregnant woman is swimming. However, swimming should be avoided during the last few months of pregnancy. During the initial months of pregnancy, swimming can help in keeping the body of pregnant lady active and also prevent the accumulation of fats due to hormonal changes. One can take up swimming classes in one of the pools in Dubai where they offer special classes for pregnant women.

If a pregnant woman is innately active by nature, the best form of exercise for her is Zumba. Zumba is a beautiful blend of rhythmic dance and aerobics which have profound effect in weight loss and muscle toning. Zumba not only keeps the body fit but also keeps the mind cheerful. Zumba classes in Dubai also provides the opportunity to meet new people and socialize with likeminded people. In Dubai, there are several gymnasiums and fitness centres which offer Zumba classes only for pregnant ladies.

Another aspect a pregnant woman who has taken up exercising as a daily routine should never forget is her diet. She must have balanced diets in every meal of the day, which must be rich in all kinds of nutrients. Moreover, she should avoid certain food items which are known to be harmful for the foetus. The gymnasiums in Dubai also employ dieticians who design and suggest a balanced diet for the pregnant ladies.

The next destination: gym in bur Dubai

gym in Dubai

If you are searching for a place where you can spend quality time and socialize with awesome people, then the gymnasiums and fitness centres of the city would be most perfect choices. Needless to say, taking up a membership in any gymnasium would also help you in keeping yourself fit. If you are interested in gaining body mass and carving a muscular physique, then joining a gymnasium is the best proposition one can offer to you. Taking up exercising as a daily routine helps in fighting diseases by enhancing your immune system. You can also build your body with an appealing shape, which would increase your self-confidence as well as the charisma of your personality. So, there is no reason to delay the decision of joining any gymnasium in Dubai.

However, you must consider certain things before selecting a gymnasium for yourself. First of all, if you are looking for a gym in bur Dubai, you must ensure that the gymnasium offers a variety of workout forms. There should be aerobics and weight training classes, along with outdoor aerobics such as swimming. Moreover, a good gym in Dubai must offer classes of the dance based workout routines such as Zumba and Capoeira. These offbeat workout forms are gaining immense popularity among the youth and it would not be very advantageous. If you join a gymnasium which do not offer one of these services, you will be at a loss.

Yoga is fast gaining popularity in Dubai because of its unique position. Yoga is an ancient form of aerobic exercise which combines balanced body movements with the art of meditation. Yoga has got profound positive effects on both the body and mind of the practitioner. There are several gymnasiums which offer quality yoga classes in bur Dubai. These classes are usually conducted by trained Yoga professionals who very well understands which specific asanas of Yoga that would be required for the betterment of a person.

Another thing which you must cross check while taking membership in any gymnasium in Dubai is the availability of the service of personal trainer. A personal trainer assess your body statistics and designs a workout plan according to your requirements and limitations. The personal trainer would also supervise you as you practise the steps and stop you the moment you make any mistake. Such kind pf supervised practice eliminates the chance of any injury during exercise. Most gymnasiums offer the service of personal trainer in Dubai. You are just required to ensure that the quality of the service is just like you wanted. If you are not satisfied with the quality of personal trainer service in any gymnasium, you can also hire a personal trainer for exercising privately at your place under efficient supervision.

Find gyms in Dubai Marina that will help you achieve great health

supergym-762x240Being physically fit is a necessary prerequisite to living well and staying healthy. After an initial ‘don’t care’ attitude about health most people have become extra careful and take great precautions in maintaining a healthy body. There are plenty of options available and according to character and personality, an individual can choose an exercise plan that best suits him or her. Losing weight and staying fit is no longer painful and tiresome but it has branched into fun with aerobics, dance, and martial arts.

Setting out to lose weight and become fit is something that may seem easy initially but as the body becomes tired people become easily disillusioned and back out. This is where specialized help is required and today there are a large number of personal trainers in Dubai, which can give you your drive for fitness a new definition. What does such a person do? Primarily he or she would be someone well qualified in the sciences of nutrition and kinesthetic or movement. A trainer would primarily be the best person to assess your level of physical fitness, review your goals and draw up a suitable nutrition plan. He or she can help you stay focused and give you that extra push during exercise sessions so that you reach the limit of your endurance levels and burn that much more. A trainer is an inspiring presence that keeps your goals in focus and always keeps you on the right track. They are affiliated to gyms all over the city. So if you are serious about weight loss and fitness, contact a personal trainer who specializes in your needs and get started.

Working out at home is something many people are comfortable with but the problem lies in the fact that there are great limitations to this. The first is in the availability of different kinds of equipment. A gym will obviously have a much wider collection of equipment as compared to a home. The second is the presence of a certified trainer who can help choose the right kind of exercise as well as judge your fitness levels. There are a large number of gyms in Dubai Marina that boast of state of the art equipment as well as highly qualified trainers. They offer an ambience suited to weight loss and ensure great fitness levels.

Getting and staying fit is a challenge that can be better handled with a gym membership in Dubai. A large majority of these gyms hold within their walls the best fitness equipment that is available as well as highly qualified trainers who can help you stay motivated. These gyms also offer group workout options like Aerobics, Zumba and Kick boxing.