Let your child join swimming classes in Dubai

Health and fitness are the treasures of human life. Needless to say, a healthy body is the abode of a healthy mind and a healthy mind is the key to happiness. However, a healthy body is not something which will be bestowed upon you with divine intervention. You must gain it with hard work and dedication. This value must get imbibed in a person since his or her childhood. This is the reason why you should encourage your child to take up physical exercises as a part of their daily routine. Physical exercise will not only keep your child fit and immune to diseases, but also help him or her build strength and self-confidence. There are several types of physical exercises you can choose from for your child. You should actually consult with your child and assess his or her interests. It would not be a very wise decision to force your child to any kind of physical fitness class unless it interests him or her.


The good thing is that there are several gymnasiums and fitness first centres in Dubai, which offer classes specially designed for children. You can make your kid join one of those classes as they promise quality training as well as proper care during the exercises. These classes are supervised by expert professionals who are specially trained for supervising children’s exercises.

Aerobics is undoubtedly the best form of exercise for children. In fact, aerobics is highly beneficial for enhancing the growth of your child. Aerobics will also help your child to gain physical strength and stamina. It also helps in enhancing the metabolism of your child’s body, which eventually helps in fighting diseases and maladies.

The best form of aerobics a child can practise is swimming. There are a number of quality swimming classes in Dubai that offer slots especially for children. The best thing about swimming is that, apart from strength and stamina, it also helps in enhancing your child’s body coordination.

Another form of exercise not only good for your child’s fitness but also highly enjoyable to him or her is boxing. Boxing involves high level of concentration. The best thing about boxing is that it will also train your child to defend him or herself from attackers. The skill of boxing might come handy in any adverse situation of life. Moreover, the skill of boxing would also make your child feel more self-confident. Boxing also helps in developing the competitive spirit in your child, a value which has become essential in modern times. There are several boxing classes in Dubai which offer quality training by expert professionals. You can make your child join one of them to develop a tough body and mind.


Find gyms near me for the best in losing weight

Exercising and working out should not just be for weight loss, but should rather be an important part of your lifestyle. Any physical activity, when undertaken for at least 30 minutes every day is bound to help you be fit and stay in shape. It is important because it will not just help you be in shape but also prevent many diseases. Many people feel obligated to exercise with only one goal, which is to lose weight. And once they do, they go back to their normal routine. But if you really want to lose weight and maintain that then you need to make it a part of your life and not something you do when you put on some holiday weight or before the wedding season. One of the best exercise to lose weight is through cardio.

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A great man, once wisely said, “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” This is especially true today, when most of us are leading a sedentary lifestyle, where all we do is sit and work, sit and watch TV and sit and play games on the computer. There is too much of sitting and very little moving. A good way to start is by surfing the internet for a list of gyms near me. Cardio will help you to lose weight in the most effective way because it will do what your sedentary lifestyle doesn’t, help you lead an active lifestyle.

Best exercise to lose weight faster: When you enter a gym or a fitness arena, you will find many activities that will help you get back into shape. It doesn’t mean running on a treadmill, until you fall because of exhaustion. You can choose what type of cardio you want to do be it is running, cycling, sports, swimming. Even tennis and such games, which require a lot of movement are considered to be among the best exercises to lose weight.

CrossFit Dubai for fitness: When choosing to mix and match your fitness routine, try something fun and new like CrossFit workouts. CrossFit is a type of hardcore physical exercise that aims to burn fat faster by intense physical activity and at the same time build more muscle. It is a philosophy of continually varied, high-intensity efficient movements that encourage cardiovascular fitness and physical well being. Crossfit Dubai is really popular among the locals who have combined it with different forms of workouts to achieve optimum levels of fitness.

Combination of exercises: Many of us start the gym, but after a while stop going due to different excuses because the entire routine of running on the treadmill can get very boring and dreadful. That is why you should always mix and match your workout routines and try different types of exercises. Something like zumba with weights or capoeira or yoga can give you overall stability and better fitness.

Five things no one tells you before taking a gym membership in Dubai

There are a large number of gymnasiums and fitness centres in Dubai that offer quality physical training as well as an array of offbeat services. Most of these gymnasiums boast of having trained professionals for maintaining the fitness profile of each customer and also for supervising their workout plans. It is definitely a very good idea to take up membership in any gym in Dubai for the sake of one’s body. In fact, one can experience a complete new world after joining a gymnasium for the first time. Lots of preconceived notions will get shattered and you’ll learn a lot of things. Here we enlist five things which no one comes to know before joining a gymnasium in Dubai.


1. Exercising is not enough; you need a diet too

The first thing you realise after joining a fitness centre is how important a well-planned diet is for one’s fitness maintenance. A faulty diet ruins all the efforts one puts in workouts. A balanced diet with all the nutrients in proportion is what complements a workout plan and also enhances it. You can join a gym in Dubai Marina where you will receive diet related suggestions along with that of workouts.

2. You gain knowledge from people more than the trainer

When you take up a Gym membership in Dubai, you meet a lots of new people. Some of these people you meet will be highly knowledgeable regarding workouts and fitness plans and will always lend their support in educating you while preparing your own plans. They would reveal their first hand experiences with different forms of exercising which will help you in choosing the right set of exercises.

3. You know your strengths as well as limitations

A few days of training will enable you to know about yourself. You will come to know to what extent you can take on physical pressure. You will also realize the potential of your body to get into an awesome shape. In simple words, you will discover a new side of yourself after a few weeks of training at any gym like Fitness first Dubai.

4. You will gain self-confidence

Exercising will definitely make you look smart among your peers. It will give you self-confidence to get involved in almost any situation. Your personality will reach new highs and you will soon find that you have become more popular among your acquaintances.

5. You will develop your hygiene sense

Another benefit which very few people realise is that you will find yourself taking more care of personal hygiene. Exercising and weight training might require you to remain bare-bodied in front of your co-practitioners at the gym. This will help in inculcating a sense of hygiene in order to look presentable in front of others.

Participate in kickboxing in Dubai and make life interesting.

Working out and exercising is something that you cannot miss out. Since, our lives are prone to eating junk and working all day, we definitely need a change. There are many workouts, exercises, and other sports that can do the magic.

Kickboxing in Dubai is something that will definitely change the way you look at life. It will refresh your mind and enhance your being. Since it works with every muscle in your body, you will become a lot healthier and fitter.

Aerobic exercises are also very refreshing. After a tiring day, it is important to exercise your body and get away from all the mundane work. The way we sit and work in front of the computer makes our body stiff and uneasy. Aerobics makes our body feel good, as the muscles get a chance to fex and stretch after a long day of work.

Capoeira Dubai has trained professionals who can take you through this fascinating form of martial art that will enhance your body and make you feel a lot better. Go to a place that makes you feel good and gives you the best training.

There are many reasons why you should consider taking up one of these as a usual habit

  • Kickboxing is interesting way to lead a healthy and fit life. It is not just a mundane exercise. It is a sport that you can master in a few months.
  • By visiting a specific workout class, you will also be involved in a routine. This will help you attain a great figure.
  • Your body needs activity. The human body is built with muscles and joints that need physical movement.
  • Obesity is a problem that has destroyed the present generation. There are many other problems that arise like heart problems and other ailments, if the body does not get its usual exercise.
  • A personal trainer will make sure that you are following your exercise regime, helping you achieve a healthy and fit body over time. You will have someone to monitor you which will help you stay on track.
  • A work out or a sport will give you peace of mind. You will be relived from the stress that is all around you. Also, over time your mood will be enhanced.

Yogic sleep training in yoga classes Dubai

Yogic sleep or yoga nidra is a state of semi-consciousness which lies somewhere between sleeping and waking. In this state, both the body and the mind feels relaxed and the practitioner can also pursue spiritual experiences. Yoga nidra is quite similar to meditation. However, it cannot be completely equated with meditation because unlike meditation, which emphasises on focus, in Yogic sleep, the concentration is set free of any focus. In fact, Yogic sleep can be considered more similar to the state of lucid dreaming. The positive effects of Yoga nidra have been scientifically proven after multiple researches.

Yoga classes in Dubai

The regular practice of Yoga Nidra is known to be an effective way to tackle anxiety and mental stress. Besides, Yogic sleep also helps in relieving one from headaches and uneasiness. It is also known to cure giddiness and palpitations. It also helps one in erasing bad memories which frequently causes depression and sadness. Many practitioners of Yogic sleep claim that it has helped them forget their dark memories from the childhood.

Yoga nidra is a very useful therapy for people suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder. This is the reason why soldiers prefer Yogic sleep as a part of their stress reduction therapy after participating in a battle. Another important feature of Yoga nidra is that unlike other postures of Hatha Yoga, it does not demand any movement of the body, thus eliminating the risk of any injury. The art of Yoga nidra was developed parallel to Hatha Yoga in ancient times by sages who discovered its benefits and developed it further. Today, modern civilization understands the value of this art, and this is the reason why Yoga nidra is catching up as a popular activity.

An increasing number of Yoga classes in Dubai have introduced yoga nidra as a part of their Yoga training package, attracting a huge number of practitioners. The youth of Dubai knows very well the benefits of this form of Yoga, and are taking up such classes with enthusiasm. Rightly enough, most practitioners are happy with the result of regular practice of Yoga nidra. Most claim that it works as a medicine to cure the anxiety they accumulate during the busy working hours.

However, one should always remember that during the practice of Yoga nidra, one should create the right ambience with care. A noisy and distracting environment might sabotage the practice of Yoga nidra, resulting in bad effects instead of the benefits. Yoga classes in Dubai make sure that practitioners get the right ambience for practice. This is a reason why one must avail the services of a good Yoga class in Dubai. An expert professional would be able to point out the mistakes one might make while practising Yogic sleep, thus enhancing the effects.

Ladies gyms in Dubai, now open

As we get older, one of the things that is stressed upon is the need for exercise. Human bodies are designed to be active and regularly involved in some kind of work or the other. However, the technological advancements have led to off – loading of a number of chores on our part and therefore as a result, we have lost our chances to go one step higher on the ladder to good health and fitness. This means that we would have to look at adding in other forms of physical activities and exercises in to our daily lives, in order to get to the ideal fitness levels.

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One of the most common ways by which people could get the reins back over their health is by working out different types of physical activities including a gym. In order to enrol into one of the good gyms near you, just a mere search of ‘gyms near me’ on the internet would help in arriving at the good leads close to your place. While choosing the gyms, most people normally look at the infrastructure, facilities offered and the personal trainer qualifications. The machines and the equipment at the gym would have to be the latest technology, which would help the individuals get in shape effectively. Additionally, the facilities of a personal trainer would help people plan their work outs better and use the equipment in a way that would cause absolutely no harm or injury.

Most women do not wish to access the unisex gyms in the city. Looking at this short coming, a number of ladies gyms have been set up in Dubai, where even the staff are all women and only women would have access to such gyms. This means that the women of Dubai would now be able to stand at the forefront of good health practices.

Among the various gyms in the city of Dubai, Fitness First tops the list with the exceptional infrastructure and impressive trainers. The trainers get on the floor with each person and ensure that all the people at the gym are training right. Additionally, they also have regular one on ones with the clients, to ensure that the clients are working out well and are on the right diet. They also have additional classes that people could choose from which include Zumba, aerobics, swimming, kick boxing, boxing, yoga and many other work outs. It is just the perfect place to work out and have fun and with absolutely no restrictions on age, gender or any other criteria.

Fitness first Dubai for pregnant women

Exercising during pregnancy is beneficial for the expecting mother in a number of ways. Light physical exercises prevents building up of unwanted weight, controls metabolism and also keeps the body flexible for movements. Exercising also fights fatigue, depression, insomnia and headaches. And more than this, regular exercising prepares the expecting mother for an easier delivery and post-natal health. However, one should understand the fact that certain postures and forms of exercises might cause pain in the abdomen and also physical harm to the baby. This is the reason why one should avail professional training from experts for exercising during pregnancy.

There are a number of gymnasiums in Dubai who offer specialized training for expecting mothers. Most of these gymnasiums like fitness first in Dubai have expert professionals who supervise the physical training of pregnant women. They also offer the best forms of exercises which benefits both the pregnant women and the baby. Here are a few of such forms of exercises.

  1. Yoga

Yoga is a form of exercise which is not only good for body fitness but also a medicine for the mind. This is indeed a requirement for expecting mothers. There are several postures of yoga which are specially designed for pregnant women. The integration of those postures have developed the variant of prenatal Yoga in Dubai. Prenatal yoga is offered in a lot of gymnasiums in Dubai.

  1. Aerobics

Joining aerobics classes is a very good decision for every expecting mother. Aerobics helps keep the weight in control which further prevents delivery time complications. Aerobics for pregnant women are usually light and focussed on the maintenance of the body shape of a pregnant women. Aerobics also increases metabolism which is a good thing for the unborn child.

  1. Squats

Squats helps in enhancing coordination of the body, which might be affected due to the additional weight as a result of pregnancy. Squats also prove to be the right exercises for the muscles of the abdomen and thigh areas, which eventually helps ease the delivery process.

  1. Dips

Dips is that kind of exercise which helps a pregnant women to remain in the right shape during and even after pregnancy. Dips strengthens the muscles of the lower part of the body, which compensates for the weakening of bone fibres due to hormonal actions during the gestation period.

  1. Wall sits

Another form of exercise which every pregnant woman should practise regularly is wall sits. Gymnasiums of Dubai always advise pregnant women to keep their bodies active during this period as resting for a long time might result in the accumulation of fat, which is not at all desirable for a number of reasons.

Dance your way to fitness with Zumba classes in Dubai

Being physically fit is important for a number of reasons. Firstly it reduces your risk of diseases, it makes you feel and look better and it gives a whole lot of positive energy. Thus through physical activity we can greatly improve the quality of our lives. When we are physically sound we feel better equipped to deal with the challenges of life and every problem seems to have a solution. We are also able to sleep better with more exercise since our bodies need the rest and the sound sleep that follows a workout is worth the effort. Today the world offers a large number of fitness options which not only make you lose weight and become fit but make the whole process highly enjoyable. It is no longer just you and the exercise machine but there are large number of people in your teams who inspire you to move forward. Dubai, a truly international city, offers a large number of exercise options.


One such exercise option are zumba classes in Dubai. It is a fitness programme created by Columbian dancer and choreographer Alberto Beto Perez in the 1990s. It is combination of dance and music incorporating hip hop, salsa, samba, soca, merengue and mambo styles of dancing. It is an energizing way of losing weight and staying fit. It is done to the accompaniment of foot tapping music that anyone of any age can dance to. Zumba is not just a weight loss programme but it is also a wonderful way to unwind from the daily stress of modern life. Classes are organized by certified trainers and are scheduled at different timings in order to cater to everyone’s convenience.

Zumba can seem like a challenging routine for those who are not physically active and the dance moves may look a little complicated but there is really nothing to worry about. If you want to do Zumba and lose weight the fun way, even if you feel a little rusty with your dance moves, here is a wonderful option for you. Zumba for beginners! This a more basic kind of exercise programme that focuses on the movement of first the feet and then adding the rest of the body so that it becomes less complicated. It also begins at a very slow tempo adding to the speed with comfort. The trainers are motivational and are focused on including everyone in the programme so that should be both encouraging and inspirational.

Another option for women looking to stay fit but shy of exercising in front of men there is the wonderful option of ladies gym in Dubai. The gym is open exclusively to women and is open throughout the day for both working women and housewives. It comes with state of the art equipment and qualified women trainers who will put you at ease and also design a regimen most suited for you. The gym also boasts of an excellent steam and Jacuzzi facility to relax those tired muscles. Enroll today for a fitter you.

Things to know before taking a gym membership in Dubai

A muscular and fit body not only makes you develop an appealing personality but also fills you with self-confidence. Needless to say, the majority men desire a muscular body which they can flaunt with style. The good thing is that developing a muscular body is not as difficult as it seems. It just requires hard work, perseverance and the right training. However, a beginner must follow a disciplined regime to initiate the process of bodybuilding. The regime must be compatible with the beginner’s body in such a way that it benefits the maximum without causing any negative side-effects. Here are the salient features of the regime.

  1. Set up a balanced diet

The most significant part of workout plans is the determination of the right diet. An unbalanced and unhealthy diet may completely ruin one’s efforts of bodybuilding. The beginner must take up the habit of having religiously regular meals which are complete with all the nutrients required by the body. The diet must exclude excessive lipids and harmful fats at the same time include high volume of proteins as well as essential minerals. Needless to say, fast food consumption, alcohol and smoking must be eliminated from the lifestyle. It is always advisable to consult a nutritionist or a dietician in order to design a diet plan for oneself, for they have the expertise of understanding the needs of a particular body.

  1. Warm up

A beginner should never start strength and power exercises right away. Initially, he must adapt his body to the situation it will undergo in the coming months. Warming up is the best way to do this. Light exercises, yoga or aerobics can be selected for warming up before starting the strength training. Warming up releases muscle sprains.

  1. All in one session

After taking a Gym membership Dubai, the beginner must remember that exercises of all the parts of the body must be done in an order in a single session. Focusing on specific parts of the body and neglecting another few might destroy the healthy balance of the body.

  1. Intensify gradually

The intensity of the exercise must be increased in a gradual manner, according to the flexibility of the body. A sudden increase in the power of the exercises might be detrimental to the body.

  1. Avoid overdoing

It is a common observation that many youngsters in every gym in Dubai tend to try outdoing their own performance the previous day. It is usually done with the desire to gain muscles quickly. However, this practice is not at all recommended as it might affect the muscle fibres adversely and nullify the effect of exercising.

Get fit with a personal trainer in Dubai

The introduction of mechanization has made the lives of people much easier but has brought about alarming repercussions in the world of health. Physical exertion today is almost nonexistent and thus lifestyle diseases are on the rise. This is especially true in a city like Dubai where life moves so fast that it becomes difficult to find exercise time. Also the heat during the day puts people off from simple things like walking or cycling to work. Despite these issues Dubai does offer a range of amazing fitness options and a large number of well equipped gyms thus proving that the general population is getting more interested in staying fit and healthy.

personal trainer in dubai
Personal trainer helping woman working with heavy dumbbells

Losing weight is an easy thing to start with, but to stay motivated till you reach your goal can sometimes seem a little challenging. As you exercise, to go a little beyond your limit can seem daunting but often it is that little extra effort that brings you the best results. This is where the help of a personal trainer comes in handy. What does a personal trainer do? A personal trainer assesses your fitness level, understands your goals and charts out a programme for you. He or she also helps you to stay focused and pushes you beyond what you think you are capable of. There are a large number of personal trainers in Dubai who are well recommended. All of them are well qualified in the science of kinesthetics, know a good amount of nutrition and are well educated. They have affiliations with good gyms all around the city and can be the answer to your problems regarding fitness. Remember to opt for a trainer who has experience in the specific goal you have in mind and start the journey towards a fitter you!

Another fun exercise for those interested in staying fit is a hybrid martial art form that has risen into prominence all over the world as a great fitness option. It is essentially about two thousand years old but has been modernized and is today termed as a hybrid martial art. We are talking of kickboxing in Dubai. As a fitness option it is great form of exercise and many fitness studios offer classes in kickboxing. It has been adapted by combining boxing, martial arts and aerobics to form a perfect exercise regimen. Classes begin with warm ups and increase in intensity providing an all body workout.

Fitness should begin in the early years but unfortunately lifestyle options in Dubai do not offer children much scope for physical activity. It is best to get a gym membership in Dubai for your child so that your child is healthy. Majority of gyms have a specific programme for children which concentrates on not just weight management but also physical development. This is done by providing regimens that are certified by medical practitioners.