Fitness without side effects with yoga classes in Bur Dubai


Yoga is one of the traditional forms of work out which is said to have found its way around five thousand years ago. This form of work out is developed from the postures of animals and positions of plants and flowers. It is said that performing yoga asanas on an everyday basis helps develop immunity and helps people fight many health issues. It can go a long way in helping people keep themselves protected from many health ailments. Yoga is a mixture of three elements which are dhyana or meditation, asanas or physical exercises and postures, and pranayam or breathing exercises. These three elements touch upon all parts of the human body including the mind and bring in a lot of clam and peace to the individuals. It helps you stay healthy physically and mentally. Many research studies across the world are now bowing down to the positive benefits of this work out. It brings in a volley of benefits which include bringing overall good health to the individuals in addition to keeping many health ailments and issues at bay. Yoga classes in Bur Dubai are being conducted by certified yoga professionals and experts, at a number of places. The people of Dubai can now happily reap the benefits of this work out.

Gyms in Bur Dubai are set up with the latest equipment, infrastructure and state of the art facilities. Depending on your health history, the work outs can be designed to help people derive ideal fitness. Gyms use many equipments and machines, which people could use to get to good fitness levels. Most gyms in the city, conduct a pre work out screening whereby certain lifestyle habits are screened and understood in detail, according to which the work outs are then planned and designed. Once the work outs are designed, the individuals can get started with help of the work out plans.

Most gyms and health clubs offer the services of personal trainer in Dubai. Getting a personal trainer would be excellent option for most individuals, especially the individuals who are new to the use of gym equipment and machines, since they can be guided well and can get personal attention from the trainer. Their work outs can be supervised well. They also help people boost their self confidence, in addition to helping the individuals stay motivated throughout the work outs. Trainers help the individuals stay focused on their work outs and help them stick to their work out plans, without having a single hiccup.


Personal trainer in Dubai can help you get a healthy body

Fitness and health is very important to each one today. We live in an era in which everything we intake can be unhealthy. The food we eat and the way we live our lives can lead to many ill effects. The only way to set this right is to create new habits, tweak the way we live, and become healthier.


To make a difference in your life, start visiting a gym or a health club in Dubai. There are many luxurious places that provide great services. These places have proved to produce amazing results. If you join such a space, you will deliberately consider health as your primary concern. Exercising at home hardly works. Most of us aren’t organised and our big workout plans do not go beyond a week. Joining a good place with trainers to help you, is a better bet.

Vlcc Dubai is a great place to visit. You can pamper your body and make it feel good and healthy. It is important to keep your body fit. People are watching you, and so being presentable and fit is a need today. Whichever space you want to explore, be it a career, fashion, etc., health and fitness play a key role. Hence, make sure to keep your body healthy and strong.

The best part about visiting the best health club is that you will get a personal trainer from Dubai. This way you will know exactly what your body wants. It is always the experts who can give you the best suggestions. They know it better than you do. Some exercises are suitable for only a few. You definitely don’t want to be misguided. A personal trainer knows your needs and will train you to working towards what your body needs and your specifications. This generation is witnessing many ailments that can be cured only through a proper health and fitness plan. Obesity is one such disease that has hit most youngsters and adults in the society today. Exercising can seem to be a hard process. But once you get used to it, you will enjoy it. Also, it is way better than staying fit through other harmful ways. Such methods can cause after effects to the body resulting in more chaos and pain. It is always healthier to do some regular movements that can ease your body and make your body healthier and fit.

A good health club will soothe your body and mind. It is the perfect place that you must visit after work, to relax and help your body regain its flexibility and easiness. The different programs that you can avail are quite interesting and engaging. Some spaces provide therapeutic treatment and other health accessibilities that will help bring a balance to the mind and the body. There are many who have made use of such spaces to get a fit body. They have also started leading healthy and happy lifestyles. Over time, the workouts will transform a person’s physical and mental health, and is definitely an upgrade in life.

Zumba now available for beginners

Exercising and physical activities are quite important for our health as it’s been recommended by majority of the health and medical professionals around the world. Recent research studies have also established that at least twenty minutes of physical exercise or physical activities is beneficial to maintaining good health.


People are now resorting to a number of health programs and workouts to reach their fitness goals. Zumba workouts are one of the most popular among most of the people around the world. Zumba workouts are mostly classified as zumba for beginners and zumba for the advanced. The classes for beginners focus on delivering basics of zumba to the individuals. Zumba is a mixture of salsa, latin dance and played to the tunes of medium and fast paced world or latin music. Along with fitness, people also consider this workout to be great fun since it is usually done in a group and therefore is a lot more enjoyable. This work out is said to help people lose at least 600 calories every single hour. It also a great body toning workout and helps regulate the levels of blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol in the body. It also helps flush out the toxins in the body and get spotless skin.

Pilates is another popular workout. This is usually performed with the help of a few specific pilates instruments. This work out was instrumentalised by Joseph Pilates, way back in the twentieth century and today is one of the most popular workouts in the world. In the case of Pilates exercise, the movements of the body are very controlled, where importance is given to aspects such as bodily alignment, body movements, breath control and breathing patterns. The core strength of the individuals helps them get fit and live healthy. The intensity of the exercise can be altered as per the health conditions and the fitness goals of each person. Pilates is a great cardio and an all body work out. It is a great work out for maintaining good heart condition and helps pump the blood into the body. It helps reduce and regulate the levels of blood sugar, blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels. It also helps improve the postures of people and fight conditions such as spondilosis, back problems, neck pain and any other such pain issues.

Yoga is another great work out, which is gaining a lot of fame these days. This work out however has found its birth many years ago and also finds mention in ancient scriptures including the rig veda. The word ‘Hatha yoga’ literally means the union of the opposite forces, the sun and the moon. It is said to be a forceful form of yoga where the person would have to exert a lot of pressure. The important aspect of this type of yoga is that the movements would have to be in line with the breathing patterns, more importantly the pranayama.

Fitness First Dubai – delivering good health

Dubai is one the cities of the world which is cultural hotpot, with a great mix of all cultures and outlooks, right in one place. Famously known as the city with a futuristic vision, the people of Dubai have access to the best of every single area, which also includes the health segment. The importance of physical exercise and activities have been highlighted in a number of recent research studies, which prove that many health issues and ailments can be kept at bay, with at least a minimum of thirty minutes of physical exercises on a daily basis.


Gyms are one of the most common place that we all go to for remaining fit and healthy. It is also one of the first places that comes to our minds, when speaking of getting fit and healthy. A number of gyms have come up in the city of Dubai, providing quality access to good health and fitness for the people of Dubai. One of the gyms which has captured the loyalty of the majority in the city of Dubai is Fitness First Dubai. This gym has some of the latest equipment and machines. Additionally, the trainers at this gym are highly professional and experts in the area of health and fitness training. They provide customized health and work out plans. They also customize diet plans for the individuals, keeping in mind the health history of the individuals. They also have nutritionists who advise people on the kind of diet they would have to follow in order to reach their goal weight.

Maintaining fitness isn’t limited to working with various equipments, it also includes a number of other workouts such as dances, martial arts, aerobics, cycling, swimming and many other forms of exercise. Aerobics exercises are usually different forms of exercises combined with dance moves performed with upbeat music. This rhythmic activity works the muscles in the entire body. It is a great work out for the respiratory system and a tiring cardio work out too. It helps increase oxygen in the body. It reduces the rate of cardio risks in individuals in addition to increasing the efficiency of the heart and the lungs. It also helps maintain general good health.

Trampolining is one of the latest form of work out. It is a sort of unique workout form where people perform aerobic or gymnastic activity on a trampoline. Fitness First in Dubai offers trampolining, which delivers numerous health benefits to people. This is a low impact sport which provides a full body work out to the muscles and additionally helps people tone the muscles. In addition to many other benefits, it is a fun activity, which helps relieve stress in individuals.

Six things to check out while choosing your personal trainer in Dubai

Fitness is one of the most important things needed for leading a perfect life. A healthy body and active mind keeps one cheerful and paves his or her way to success. Needless to say, the young generation understands the necessity of physical exercise in a daily routine. However, the main constraint most people face is the lack of opportunity to let the body get some exercise amidst busy professional activities. The best way to counter this constraint is to avail a membership in any local gymnasium, where one can receive fitness training from experts. There are a large number of gymnasiums and fitness centres in the city of Dubai. So, it becomes very important to know which gymnasium should be chosen for a membership to avail the best of services. Here are six things one should always consider before selecting a gymnasium.

personal trainer in dubai
Personal trainer helping woman working with heavy dumbbells
  1. Membership profile

Most gymnasiums provide services targeted to a specific consumer segment such as children, women, the aged, diabetics etc. You must research and find the gymnasiums who have a membership profile you belong to. It will ensure that you receive the perfect training.

  1. Range of equipment

The range and versatility of equipment is an indicator of a gymnasium’s richness. It can be inferred that a gymnasium with a wide range of equipment also has skilled trainers and so, would be a good choice to take a gym membership in Dubai.

  1. Accessibility

A factor one should not forget is the accessibility of the gym from one’s home and office. The gym must be at an optimal proximity from one’s most convenient location. It would not make any sense at all if one spends more time to travel to the gym than the time needed for exercising in it.

  1. Maintenance

When you visit any gymnasium, always check out the level of maintenance of the exercise floor. You should take into account the layout, the décor, cleanliness and space management inside the gymnasium. In a few words, you must have a look at the overall ambience in the gym. The degree of maintenance must match your particular requirements and aesthetic sensibility.

  1. Hours of operations

Different gymnasiums operate with different timings. You must select a gym which would be able to provide you a slot which would be the most convenient for you. You can also go for the gym at Dubai Marina which are quite flexible with timings.

  1. Trainer certification

Last but not the least, you must demand to know whether the trainers are certified or not. Exercising requires expert supervision and might also affect the body adversely if undertaken in the presence of amateur trainers. The good thing is that a personal trainer in Dubai usually turns out to be a certified one.

How to avoid injuries during a Zumba dance workout

zumba classes in dubai

Zumba is a dance cum fitness routine, which has proven to be extremely beneficial for health. No doubt, zumba is emerging as a popular form of physical activity among the youth of Dubai. Most gymnasiums and fitness centres in the city conduct zumba classes with the help of trained professionals. One can join those classes not only for fitness related benefits but also to spend some exciting time with friends. A zumba routine after a busy schedule helps in destressing the mind and fills one with newfound energy. However, a few people are reluctant to join zumba classes when they hear instances of minor injuries during some sessions. But, the fact is, such injuries can easily be avoided with little caution. Here are five tips to avoid injuries during a zumba session,

  1. Get the right instructor

First of all, you should never undermine the importance of an instructor for a zumba dance workout. When you decide to join any fitness centre to practice zumba, you must enquire about the instructors there. You should not join any gym which does not have a trained instructor for supervising the zumba dancers.

  1. Wear the right shoes

The shoes you wear while dancing plays an important role in maintaining your posture and movements. You should always choose the right kind of shoes for zumba classes in Dubai. The shoes must be comfortable and flexible enough to facilitate the movements with ease.

  1. Avoid crowded classes

The risk of injury usually comes into picture when you sign up for a zumba class with too many people in it. Dancing in close proximity might cause injuries for obvious reasons. So it is always advisable to choose a zumba class where the number of trainees is at an optimum level. Several dance classes in Dubai are keen on attracting more and more trainees, but you must insist on joining a class which does not have more than 30 people.

  1. Drink adequate water

A common cause of injury during zumba workouts is the sudden feeling of light-headedness due to dehydration. This is the reason why one should drink enough water to keep him or herself hydrated for a couple of hours. Even while dancing, if you feel light-headed, you must immediately stop, sit down and gulp some water down.

  1. Stretch your body after Zumba

A thing most zumba trainees neglect is practicing a few body stretches after a session of zumba. Stretches help in reducing the muscular strains experienced during the workout, and prepares you for another zumba session on the next day. Neglecting stretching exercises might cause body pain while sleeping.

Fitness is important at Fitness First

personal trainer in dubai
Personal trainer helping woman working with heavy dumbbells

In recent times, there has been a great increase in the number of health care centres and hospitals around us, which although comforting, is also scary. The number of health issues cropping up and the increasing number of people getting infected is quite appalling. This is only pointing to the need for better lifestyle habits, physical exercises and balanced diets in our daily lives.

Research in the area of human physiology and health have come up with an interesting observation, that physical exercises or physical activities on a daily basis for as low as thirty minutes can go a long way in keeping people in good shape and increasing their life span. Of course, this is in addition to balanced diets and lifestyle habits. Numerous health clubs in Dubai provide access to a number of services to the people of Dubai, which include access to gyms and other activities including martial arts, dance, swimming and many other activities. The different health programs offered by the health clubs in Dubai, provide a long list of benefits to the health of the individuals which include:

  • Maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure in the body
  • Losing calories and reducing the risk of obesity
  • Gaining healthy weight
  • Maintaining good body weight, toning and sculpting the body
  • Strengthening the core muscles in the body, tissues and bones in the body
  • Reducing the risk of strokes and clearing the arteries
  • Increasing body flexibility
  • Improves the general overall health of the individuals.

Dubai, being a highly populated city, also has a huge number of gyms in every nook and corner. The gyms are easily accessible to the citizens of Dubai since they can be found at every nook and corner of the city. The gyms are mostly in line with the international standards and provide some of the best equipments to its users. Fitness First is one such place which provides access to more than 70,000 users in more than forty eight locations in the United Arab Emirates. Their schedule consists of innovative health programs for the users, cardio and strength training programs and also includes free style programs. The personal trainers at the gym are expert professionals who aid the users in achieving their fitness goals.

Among the other popular health centres and clubs is VLCC Dubai, which has a host of fitness programs and beauty services for its clients. Their services include a multi-purpose gym, other weight loss and weight gain services which are in line with the scientific and medical recommendations. The individuals’ health is screened thoroughly before advising any treatment or service to the client. The fitness plans are advised in a way so as to suit the health needs and the fitness goals of the individuals, without being too hard on the clients.

People in the present times are trying to gain access to any new program which they think would suit their interests and fitness goals.

Start with yoga for beginners and get to a fit body and mind

Maintaining good health and fitness worries most of us. We all are either pushing the day to start off our fitness journey or not keeping track with the workout plans and routines. The time has come to stick to our fitness goals and consider it important to spare a minimum of thirty minutes every single day in an attempt to getting fitter.

One of the most popular form of workouts is yoga, which is said to have taken birth way back in 5000 B.C. Yoga in JLT is quite popular among the citizens and a number of places offer yoga classes. This workout is said to bring in a plethora of benefits including:

  • Strengthening of the bones, cartilages, tissues and joints;
  • Strengthening the immune system of the body;
  • Balancing the levels of blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol levels in the body;
  • Helps deal with spondylitis, depression, insomnia;
  • Helps improve the digestive functioning of the body;
  • Strengthens the lymphatic system of the body;
  • Brings more flexibility in our bodies;
  • Helps deal with pain;
  • Decreases the chances of heart attacks or strokes
  • Improves the general health of the individuals.

Yoga classes are offered for the amateurs as well as the advanced level learners. Yoga for beginners and for the advanced learners is taught by certified yoga practitioners and professionals, who ensure that the person performs this workout with absolutely no injuries. It is important to perform this workout in the proper manner in order to prevent any injuries to the system of the individuals. Additionally, yoga is a great way to bring a feeling of calm and happiness into the general lives of the people. It is also a great workout for people of any gender and age groups. Even pregnant women can reap tremendous benefits out of this form of workout. It is also said to aid women in smooth delivery and dealing with pain in general.

Other than yoga, many other form of workouts are being performed by people to achieve their fitness goals. One such innovative form of work out is the Capoeira. This form of workout is a mixture of martial arts, dance, acrobatics, all performed to suitable music. This Brazilian workout has found many takers and lovers around the world. People swear by this form of workout since this is a great mix of cardio and a general workout. The speed of the work out differs with the speed of the music and this workout also involves quick and complex moves with a variety of kicks, spins and other highly mobile techniques. Capoeira in Dubai is being offered at a number of places including some of the gyms and health clubs of Dubai. It is a great workout to relieve stress, increase stamina in people, increase the flexibility of the person and maintain overall fitness in the individual. It also helps increase the confidence of the people and increases both the upper and the lower body strength of the individuals.

Gyms in Deira are effective and gives great results

Your health and fitness should feature on your top ten priorities list. The food we eat and the lifestyle we lead affects our body and its functionality. Whether you are a home maker, or a traveller or a student, it is important to keep yourself fit. An unhealthy body will only make you subject yourself to ailments and various medical treatments later on. Visit a good gym and get yourself a healthy body that you always wanted.

Fitness and health is a way to being happy and successful. Obesity and unhealthy living is one of the major first world problems. Find a great gym that looks after all your body needs. Health clubs have many programs for everybody. If you want to maintain your health or even if you want to lose weight, the trainers will direct you to the right place. There are good gyms in Deira where you can get amazing services, and in time you are sure to see amazing results. Many people have received great results on visiting health clubs and gyms.

To avoid an unhealthy lifestyle we should indulge in some form of physical activity. There are many spaces that will help you. Gyms at Dubai marina have many exercise forms that you could try your hands at. They provide space for sports, dance, aerobics and other workout programs. By actively participating in such exercises you can lead a healthier life.

A health club is not just meant for the ones who want to have a fit body. There are many programs to ease your mind. After a tired day, it feels good to visit the gym. There are yoga classes, dance programs, aerobics and many other programs that will give you a fit body. As much as the body needs rest, so does the mind.

Most of our lifestyles revolve around working for hours in front of the computer. Gyms in bur Dubai have many effective programs to help you. Since we live in a time where our routines are increasingly becoming more tedious, it is important to refresh our minds. Health clubs and spas work towards enhancing the body as well as the mind.

Four things to remember before taking up Prenatal Yoga Dubai classes

Yoga has plenty of benefits. It not only helps you maintain fitness but also destresses you. Yoga brings discipline in your life and provides you with a balanced and cheerful outlook towards life. Our life has become too hectic to take care of our health on a regular basis. Joining classes for yoga is a very good option to counter this problem, as you will gain insights into your own fitness quotient through the asanas practised in yoga. However, there are a few things you should remember signing up for yoga classes. These considerations will help you drive the best benefits from yoga. They will also prevent the negative effects of practising yoga incorrectly. Here are four considerations which need to be kept in mind while making the decision,

  1. Always be with your instructor

There are innumerable postures in Hatha Yoga which serve different purposes. The most interesting thing is that every posture is slightly different from the others, and you should know the postures accurately in order to master the art. It is very difficult to comprehend the differences on your own, so you need expert instructions. You should never try yoga in the absence of your instructor during your initial classes.

  1. Use yoga mats

Yoga should never be done on a soft surface like bed or sofa. It is always advisable to practice Yoga on a yoga mat laid on the floor. You should also keep in mind that the yoga mat must be regularly cleaned to avoid unwanted infections.

  1. Have an empty stomach

Yoga is an exercise which gives the best results when practised at the start of the day. Although it is not mandatory to practise Yoga in the wee hours of the morning, you should avoid practicing it immediately after a heavy meal. An empty stomach or lightly filled stomach helps you stretch your body better.

  1. Avoid strenuous postures during pregnancy

The practise of yoga during pregnancy not only helps the expecting mother to remain cheerful but also prepares her for the imminent labour. However, there are many poses of yoga which cannot be practised during pregnancy. It is so advised to take up special Prenatal Yoga classes during pregnancy, which customise the poses according to the need of the mother and the unborn child.