Personal trainers in Dubai – guides to your journey to fitness

Attaining fitness is different for different people. Some people prefer to attain fitness with the help of exercises in the gym, some prefer aerobics, zumba, swimming, kick boxing, martial arts etc. Irrespective of the type of work out, the end result is of more concern to everyone in addition to having an enjoyable work out.

Yoga is one of the most popular work outs around the world, which has evolved from the observation of the postures of animals and plants. The system of yoga helps people maintain flexibility in the body, strengthens the joints, tissues, bones and muscles of the body, maintains blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol in the body of the individuals, strengthens the individuals’ immunity, boosts the memory, increases oxygenation levels in the body, helps individuals calm down and relax, releases endorphins in the body of the individuals and fights conditions such as depression and insomnia. Yoga classes in Bur Dubai are conducted by experts and certified yoga professionals who ensure that the individuals perform the work out in a proper manner and are not injured in any manner through the work out. In addition to the numerous other benefits, yoga is also great to safeguard the heart and improve the heart health, improve the cardio vascular functions, unclog the arteries and increases blood flow in the body, improves digestive functions and brings about postural improvements and better hand eye co – ordination. It is also a great work out form to reduce the stress in the individuals and flush out the toxins from the body of the individuals.


The gyms in Bur Dubai are very well designed and set up with the latest technology and infrastructure. Most of these gyms, in addition to the gym health workout programmes also provide other alternative work out programmes as well including kettle bell work outs, aerobics, zumba, martial arts, kick boxing etc. The equipment used in the gyms are state of the art and are of the latest technology. The cutting edge technology offered by the equipment help individuals take their work outs very seriously and also provide an in depth look at the health state of the individuals.

While choosing a gym, it is essential to ensure that the gym is well equipped and has good infrastructure. Additionally, for a beginner, it is always best to hire a personal trainer. Personal trainers in Dubai help and guide the individuals through their work out. They help individuals in exercising in the right manner and also help the individuals avoid physical injuries while performing the work outs. Personal trainers also help in a great manner to keep up the motivation for the work out and they ensure that the individuals do not drop out of their work out cycle mid way. They consider it important to help the individuals reach their fitness goals and be successful in their journey to good health and fitness. It is extremely important to exercise, so that individuals can keep the health problems and disorders at bay.


Find the best exercise to lose weight

Technology and the various advancements in several areas of technology, especially involving our daily lives have given us an extra chance to laze around and chill. This has helped us buy more time and do more work or spend more time with our own families. However, the down side to this is that we have lost the chance to exercise our bodies, or provide some kind of physical exercise to our own bodies, with the help of the manual work that we would have had to perform, if not for the technological advancements.


Dance classes are a great way to lose weight, maintain fitness and tone the body. In addition to all of this, the best part of dance class is that people could learn an extra art, or something new along with gaining good health. Dance classes in Dubai are available at a number of gyms and health clubs, which offer many dance forms and mixture of exercises including aerobics, zumba, kathak, ballet, contemporary dance, bharatanatyam, kuchipudi, tap dance, break dance, disco, rumba, belly dance, salsa etc. All of these classes are conducted by experienced dancers and health trainers who help individuals according to their level of expertise and fitness. These work outs all carry the fun quotient, where in the dance work outs are usually performed by people in large groups. This would make the work out even more fun.

Zumba is one of the best known and most popular dance work outs all over the world. This form of dance fitness program was created by the Columbian dancer and choreographer Alberto Perez. It is a trade mark owned by Zumba Fitness LLC. This dance fitness program involves the mixture of the elements of aerobics and dance and a mixture of different types of dance forms including the salsa, mambo, meringue, hip hop, samba etc. The gyms and health clubs also include squats and lunges into this form of dance work out. Zumba also has evolved into different types in itself such as aqua zumba, which is performed in water. .It has a number of health benefits including increasing the strength of the heart, since this is a great cardio work out and the intensity and the speed of the dance varies with the music. It is helpful in toning the body, strengthening the bones, tissues, ligaments and muscles in the body, great for the respiratory system and the skin of the individuals.

When steeping to the exercise regime, a majority of the people want to know the best exercise to lose weight. This however is subjective and different from person to person. In addition, exercise must be coupled with good diet and lifestyle habits to serve the purpose. Some people prefer to work out at a gym and some prefer work outs such as martial arts, dance programs etc. Depending on the interest, if any person puts in the hard work and stays motivated throughout the work out, it would fetch the best results.

Get fit with yoga classes in Dubai

Yoga, aimed to unite the mind, body and the soul is one of the most popular work outs opted by people all over the world. It is a combination of the asanas, dhyana (meditation) and the pranayama (breathing techniques). Yoga has evolved over the years to different forms and many people love this work out for the benefits they derive from it.

Yoga classes in Dubai

The city of Dubai, known for the advancements in every single area, hosts many yoga classes all over Dubai. Yoga is very beneficial to the muscles, joints, tissues and the bones and helps maintain strength in the individuals. The work out is extremely beneficial for people with arthritis, depression, insomnia, diabetes, fluctuating blood pressure levels, cholesterol levels and sugar levels. This exercise not just relaxes the body, but also brings calm and peace to the mind of the individuals. It oxygenates the blood and also helps in unclogging the arteries which further reduces the risk of cardiac issues or strokes. Yoga also increases the blood circulation in the body and also boosts the level of hemoglobin in the body.

One of the types of yoga work out which has received a lot of attention and accolades from innumerable people is the Bikram yoga. This form of yoga is a branch out of the traditional hatha yoga and involves twenty six postures and the breathing exercises. The difference is that all these yoga asanas of this form is performed in a room heated to one hundred five degree Fahrenheit and with forty percent humidity levels. One named Bikram Choudhury is the architect of this form of yoga. The twenty six postures aim to work on every single part of the human body. It is believed that the high temperature levels softens the body and makes it more flexible, where reshaping the body would be easier. It also flushes away the toxins from all the glands and the organs in the body. It nourishes the cells of the individual’s body, making the body healthy. It is also a great work out to oxygenate the body effectively. The practice of this form of yoga harmonizes nervous system and the endocrine system in the body. Bikram yoga in Dubai is now being offered at a number of institutes and health clubs, which people can make use of and lead their way to good health.

The health clubs in Dubai offer a number of health work outs, services and treatments which the people of Dubai could make use of depending on what their interest would be. They offer a wide range of services including gyms, martial arts programmes, alternative work out exercises, yoga, swimming, dance work outs and programmes etc. Additionally, they are built with the latest and the state of the art infrastructure, which helps build the motivation in the people. Today’s stressful life makes it important to rewind, rejuvenate and relax a bit and also take care of our health to avoid unnecessary health complications.

Yoga in JLT is the most sought after work out

Fitness is one of the aspects that we all need to give extra attention towards in the present times. With the laid back lifestyles and the lifestyles where we are all increasingly dependent on technology for all our work and daily chores, it is very important that we allot some additional time and efforts towards maintaining our health and fitness levels.


One of the most sought after workouts of the times now is yoga. This is a healthy and thorough workout of the mind, body and soul of every individual. Yoga mainly consists of three wings which include the asanas, pranayama and the dhyana. All of these ensure that the individual’s health is completely cleansed and the necessary fitness levels are reached. Many research studies have time and again proved the various benefits that yoga can provide effectively. Many institutes, health clubs and gyms have introduced this alternative form of workout since the demand for this form of workout has increased in the past few years. Yoga for beginners is a course that most of these institutions offer for individuals who have not had exposure to this form of work out. While initiating an individual into this form of workout, it is essential that the individual understands the asanas thoroughly since not performing the asanas properly may lead to injuries and other health effects.

Most of the institutes offer yoga as a great workout for individuals. Yoga in JLT is one of the workouts in major demand. Many gyms and health clubs offer this form of workout and employ the best professionals from the city of Dubai to guide the workouts for the individuals enrolling. The instructors are certified yoga professionals, who ensure that the individuals performing the asanas understand the entire asana thoroughly and thereafter perform the asana in the right manner. This is important since not performing the yoga asanas in the right manner can lead to health injuries. Yoga is a great workout to maintain healthy levels of cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc. in the body. Additionally, it is also very helpful in keeping arthritis, joint and bone issues in control.

Capoeira is one other workout form which is in high demand in the city of Dubai. This is a Brazilian work out form which is a mixture of dance, exercise and music. Capoeira in Dubai is also offered in a number of health clubs and gyms. This is great cardio workout and great workout for weight loss and body toning. In addition to being a great workout, capoeira is also great fun to perform. This is usually performed in a group and therefore is a fun workout. It also helps people socialise better and make new friends in addition to gaining better health.

Be it whichever form of workout that is chosen by people, it is essential to get one or the other type of exercise to maintain overall good health. Health professionals from around the world recommend at least thirty minutes of exercise or any kind of physical activity in a day, in order to keep the various health issues at bay.

Join yoga classes Dubai

People practice yoga during pregnancy or when they wish to lose some fat or when they have any stress-related medical condition. Yoga is an ideal exercise that helps one relax, nurture and strengthen the body. It not just calms the body but also develop a balance between mind, body and soul. For the novice students, it can often be quite bewildering to know where to begin when you wish to start practicing yoga. A lot of people today are planning to start with yoga in Dubai.

Motion Ladies Fitness CenterThere are different types, styles and approaches of yoga taught in Dubai. The basis of yoga is in its breathing exercises, meditations, postures (known as asanas), relaxation and chanting mantras. Different yoga classes Dubai place emphasis on different aspects. There are some yoga teachers who focus more on the breathing techniques known as pranayama while there are others who focus more on the alignment of the body in the different asanas or poses.

There are classes such as bikram yoga Dubai that are taught in rooms that are heated at a temperature more than 100F while there are regular yoga classes that are conducted in local leisure centre or yoga studios. These days some yoga teachers provide yoga sessions at home.

Now, given the huge variety in the styles and the classes, how do you decide which one is right for you? How to decide which qualities to look for and what questions to ask when enquiring about a particular class? These are some important questions that need to be answered before enrolling yourself in yoga classes in Dubai.

Find out if the teacher that you have shortlisted to learn yoga from is qualified or not. Enquire the prospective teacher about their training in yoga. Find out the duration since the teacher is practicing yoga and the number of students they have dealt with in the past.

Next, you must enquire whether your prospective yoga teacher or the studio where you have enrolled for yoga classes run specific classes for business or not? If you enroll in beginner’s class you’ll be taught everything step by step and in the right manner.

Also, know the average members who’ll attend the class. Make sure that the yoga class is not too crowded. If there are just 5-10 members, the yoga teacher will pay special attention to every student and this way you’ll learn faster and better. Next thing that is important is the time and the venue of the yoga class. Make sure that the time is convenient for you. If the timings don’t suit you, then you must avoid joining such a class.

These are some of the important factors that one should consider before joining yoga classes.

Zumba classes in Dubai – happy weight loss

The busy lifestyles of the present times, with insurmountable work pressures, office deadlines, family pressure and financial constraints, have all led to one common result, which is a lot of stress. Stress is the main cause of a number of health issues and conditions, such as diabetes, cholesterol, obesity, hyper tension, blood pressure etc. However, a number of health clubs and gyms offer a wide variety of programmes and services to tackle stress.

zumba classes in dubai

Among the various options for stress relief and health work out, one of the foremost options is, a good Zumba dance work out. Zumba is basically a great mix of salsa and Latin dance moves, usually performed to the tunes of fast Latin or world music. Many people find this form of work out extremely enjoyable. The work out helps people derive maximum benefits and helps in fighting health conditions such as blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, depression etc. It helps in flushing out toxins from the body, and also helps strengthen the core. This work out helps people improve their flexibility and also strengthen their bones, muscles and joints. It is a great calorie burner and is an immense help when it comes to natural body toning and body sculpting. The energetic atmosphere in a zumba class is definitely a great mood lifter, and also a great way to make new friends.

Any person can perform zumba irrespective of age or gender, and this dance form does not need knowledge of any basics of dancing. Even a layman can easily perform the dance and enjoy the entire work out. Zumba classes in Dubai are considered one of the best ways to beat the stress and get fit. A simple work out of Zumba releases good amounts of endorphins in to the body, which are the natural hormones that have the ability to uplift your mood. It is an excellent way to beat depression and also develop healthy hand eye coordination. You can lose up to 600 calories in an hour, with a simple zumba workout. Since the work out is usually done in a large group, people enjoy it even more and their motivation levels increase. In addition, it also boosts the body metabolism.

In addition to gaining good health and getting fit, zumba also helps people fight conditions like obesity, burns calories and improves the cardiac health of the individuals. Due to the fast paced nature, the blood flow level increases in the body and helps unclog the arteries thereby reducing the risk of a cardiac issue or a stroke. Dance classes in Dubai are gaining popularity through the day, as they pass for a great work out activity, and also helps people learn a new art form. Many people who do not like to exercise in gyms, prefer to undertake such alternative work out forms which would help them enjoy their exercise.

Etch your way to good health with yoga classes

Freeing oneself from the daily shackles of work, family, commitments and busy lifestyles, just momentarily, to think about the positives that one’s mind, body and soul receives on a daily basis would be a great exercise. While we discard the concept of the wellness of the body, mind and soul, the increasing stress levels all around us and the depreciating state of health in general, would show us how important it is to give a little attention to one’s own self.

Unity of the body, mind and the soul is the beautiful concept gifted to mankind by yoga. The system of yoga finds its origins around 5,000 years back. The oldest written book that captures this workout form is the yoga sutras by Patanjali. It is said that the system of yoga has evolved from observations of the nature including the plants and the animals. Yoga in Dubai is one of the most demanded work out forms. The awareness about the million health benefits of yoga is being slowly spread amongst the people. Yoga has three wings to it which includes the asanas, the pranayama and the dhyana. While performing the dhyana, one meditates and tries to reach a calm, peaceful and happy state from within. The pranayama is a set of breathing exercises where the individuals perform deep breathing in different ways, which ensures to clear out their system and detoxifies their body and mind. It also has a calming effect on the body and mind of the individuals. The asanas aim to benefit the person physically in a number of ways and help stay away from a number of health issues and disorders.

Motion Ladies Fitness Center

A number of health clubs and recreation centres in Dubai have even started to offer yoga classes to people where they could learn and perform the asanas. It is even more beneficial when the yoga is performed in a group, so that the individuals can stay motivated throughout. The trained yoga professionals and teachers usually give detailed briefing to the individuals about the various benefits of each asana and the pranayama.

Pregnant women require utmost care. It is very important for women to take very good care of themselves, their diets and their bodies. Prenatal yoga in Dubai is a work out which is offered at many maternity wellness centres and health clubs for the benefits of the pregnant women and their baby. The prenatal yoga exercise helps the pregnant women to deal with her sleeplessness, body aches and physical discomfort. It also helps in better oxygenation of the body and the blood which would even be very beneficial to the growing baby. In addition to all this, prenatal yoga also helps the mother a great deal in birthing and helps deliver the baby easily. It is one of the best form of work out for the mother and the baby.

Find your best exercise to lose weight

Irrespective of the financial status, people do not want to compromise on or take chances with their health. Numerous research surveys around the world have shown an inversely proportional relationship between lesser physical activities and more health issues and disorders. The health professionals around the world now recommend to every individual should, to have a minimum of thirty minutes of exercises or physical activity on a daily basis in order to keep health disorders at bay.

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Exercising is a something that some people enjoy doing and most others dread and try to run away from. However, irrespective of their preferences regarding this, it is extremely important to exercise so as to live a healthy life. Obesity is one of the biggest problems which a major part of the population around the world faces. It can be contributed by a number of factors including dietary intake, lack of exercise, health conditions or even genetic factors. Most of the people starting an exercise regime try to find out what is the best exercise to lose weight. However, the answer to this question would be a combination of exercises and a good healthy diet, which would then help the individual in a uniform manner to lose weight by sweating it out and reducing the unnecessary calories from the body.

A number of options are available to the interested individuals who want to develop a healthy lifestyle. The options range from the use of gyms, to attending alternative work out classes including swimming, martial arts, dance classes, or engaging in activities such as trampolining, kickboxing etc. Dubai being a place of the interesting mixture of the traditions and modern aspects, also has housed a number of ladies gyms in Dubai, which have an exclusive ladies only staff and members. This step has helped a number of women who have wanted to avail the gym facilities but have refrained from doing so due to the unisex gym facilities.

Most of the gyms or alternative work out centres, after having a detailed chat with the person, about their health or medical back ground, which helps in preparing detailed workout plans for them. The individuals can tread on their path to good health, with the help of the plans designed in a customized manner especially for them. These plans also include the dietary intake of the individuals, which would help the individuals understand their body’s nutritional requirements in detail and help the individuals stay away from the foods which have a negative impact on their health and which do not help them in any manner. The trainers at most of the gyms also help the individuals stay motivated and follow the work out plans to the T, so that the health goals of the individuals are attained. They ensure that the individuals have a good understanding about the way their bodies work, the science behind the food intake and weight gain or loss etc. This would help the individuals regulate their life and manage their life around their new workout plans.

What’s the best exercise to lose weight

Obesity and health issues are among the major problems faced by a majority of the people around the world, these days. The main factor contributing to this issue is the improper and almost bad lifestyle we all lead, with our all-junk diets and stressful work life, and no time for any sort of exercise in the daily lifestyle. This is probably why everybody wants to find the best exercise to lose weight. However losing weight is a combination of a lot of factors including a healthy diet and good exercise, along with a good amount of rest. Increasing number of health related ailments have led to a number of new research studies establishing that the absence of exercise in the everyday lives of the individuals would result in a number of health condition.


Apart from the exercising at the gyms, many people find alternative work outs comfortable. Yoga is one such work out which involves stretching of all the muscles in the body of the person coupled with definite breathing patterns. This would ensure that the stretching gives optimum results and also ensures that the flow of oxygen in the blood and the entire body is well maintained. Yoga is Dubai can be accessed at a number of gyms and other health clubs and health centers, where certified yoga practitioners are there to guide the work out. Each pose or asana in yoga is extremely beneficial to the body of the person and it is one of best work outs for:

  • maintaining good cardio vascular health,
  • maintain good respiratory health,
  • maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels and blood pressure levels,
  • maintaining a positive frame of mind,
  • strong bone health and joints and muscle,
  • helps individuals de-stress and keeps the individuals calm and content with the release of the happy hormones called endorphins,
  • has positive psychological and emotional effects on the individuals,
  • flushes out toxins from the human body,
  • improves the flexibility and posture of the individuals.

Keeping in mind the cultural and societal expectations, most of the gyms in Dubai have specific timings for ladies and men and even specified areas segregated for the ladies and for the men. A number of ladies gyms in Dubai, are also being set up keeping in mind this social expectation and also in order to pull in or attract women even from the conservative backgrounds, so they would find it convenient and comfortable to work out. Even the physical trainers at these gyms and other personnel in the gym are all women in order to keep the levels of comfort for all the gym users. These trainers are very well qualified and well trained in their areas and help the gym users to reach their health goals within a practical time scale.

Swimming classes in Dubai have amazing facilities

Engaging in a sport is always a healthy option for the human body. Most physical activities require a lot of energy. Sports have a fun element attached to it. There are many activities that give the body enough physical movement. They are also a great way to relax and spend time with friends. Unlike other physical activities, a game is fun. If you become good at any sport, you can take part in exciting competitions. Some sports will keep you asking for more. In the process of having fun, you will build your body to be fit and healthy. If you are a busy parent or a workaholic, you may not have the time to hit the gym regularly, but you can always play a sport. Given below are a few reasons why you should spare some time for sports

swimming classes in dubai

  • Most of us spend time within four walls busy watching television or spending it surfing the internet. How about taking out time for real things and real friends. One great way to bond is over sports. It is also a great way to meet new people and also to catch up with old friends. If meeting up with a friend to spend some time, playing sports could be a better way to bond other than coffee or junk food and spoiling your health.
  • It is a healthy practice. There are many centres and clubs that have special classes for different sports. Since sports have become an effective recreational activity, there are many who opt for it and you can too.
  • You could enrol for boxing, martial arts, swimming, hiking etc. which are quite dynamic in nature. These will help enrich the mind and the body. There are many swimming classes in Dubai that provide training and take you through the process of swimming, and different types of swimming.
  • Boxing classes in Dubai are quite effective too. It is another great option to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. It is a great way to enhance body muscles.
  • Fitness first is a great platform that holds many programs to enhance and improve your mind and body. You can choose a plan that fits your needs and requirements the best.
  • Different activity serves different purposes. However, most sport activities use the body’s energy, while also dissolving stress and unhealthy toxins from the body.
  • It will make you strong. Most sports require a lot of energy and practice. Over time you will be able to build up a lot of body strength and stamina.
  • Finally, sports will make you feel young at heart. Filled with energy and the thrill of winning, most sports activity will help make you feel fresh and rejuvenated.