The benefits of taking hatha yoga classes

In today’s world, we have observed how our lives have become fast-paced and hectic. More importantly, we are unable to meet the demands of life. Unfortunately, lifestyle adjustment on the part of the individual is essential to maintain good health. At times, we try to adjust to situations by being overactive and then ultimately, withdraw from the circumstances. When we bow down in such times, we end up falling prey to the demands of the situation where we develop a state of negative stress. Moments like these bring a new dimension to our personality and give rise to mental or psychological problems which can be taken care of at Fitness First. It offers experienced gym instructors and has branches spreading widely among various countries including Dubai.

Yoga too can help beat stress and lose weight too. All you need is one hour to understand and practice it. The ideal time is to wake up early in the morning and perform it. You need to make certain that you are practicing it for at least 5 or 6 days a week for the desired results. To achieve this aim, apart from yoga, you need to make certain you take control of your diet and control your negative emotions too. Try to think positive and keep pessimistic feelings aside. It is always advised to start with both yoga asanas as well as pranayama. Yoga has multiple forms amongst which hatha involves understanding the mechanics of the body. It is the different body postures that help to drive your energy in a particular direction. It isn’t about the regular asanas or postures, but a whole lot more. There are complicated dimensions to this, but the easiest way you can understand it is by monitoring and observing someone perform it. Hatha yoga helps you move into deeper dimensions of meditation and allow your body to gain a higher possibility of energy.

Joining yoga classes in Dubai is certainly beneficial especially with the rise of ailments and medical conditions, one has to make an effort to stay fit. They comprise of a team of experts who can help you get the right mental preparation before a physical workout.Working out in gyms can bust stress levels, as exercise releases certain amounts of endorphins. Thus, bring about a change by getting the best gym workouts that will not only help in losing weight, but also ensure you get a better posture. A healthy transformation can help boost your self-esteem and confidence to no end.


Learn how Pilates exercises can provide a well-toned body

Some believe that yoga is just a set of physical exercises that involves stretching and breathing. But the truth is that yoga goes beyond that. It helps you disconnect from the world and thereby experience inner peace in the soul, mind, and body. You can learn the purest form of yoga to heal illnesses and also maintain good health. Joining yoga classes in Dubai can help you gain the maximum benefits of yoga.

It is believed that stress is a major problem in one’s modern life. We humans tend to carry our stress and worries that reflect on the body as well as internally. Even if we release our physical tension by stretching, exercising or perhaps even getting a good massage, there may still be tensions that aren’t recognized or are too complicated to release. Yoga Nidra in times like these is a unique method that helps de-stresses the body at its deepest level. Nidra is practiced in a form that can help you lay comfortably on your back. It involves a series of breathing exercises and simple instructions that you need to follow. A few of these include visual imagery or a scan of the body, which tends to occupy the mind and prevents it from immersing itself in the usual mind-chatter that tends to absorb our ordinary consciousness.

Yoga of the kind lets your mind fall into a conscious relaxation mode. It helps you enter the subconscious zone while you are still in a complete state of rest. The mind has to be in consciousness while the body is fully relaxed. One of the biggest gains of this is that it gives power over your mind. You can drift between consciousness and unconsciousness state and master it only with regular practice. At times, it is possible to influence your mind by creating a particular path using Yoga Nidra. You have to focus while practicing the exercises.

Another brilliant way of working out is by practicing Pilates. Pilates exercises is all about emphasizing on proper breathing, pelvic alignment, correct spinal along with concentrating on smooth and flowing movement. It helps you tune in with your body and its needs and requirements and control its movement. Also, the quality of movements is preferred over quantity of repetitions. Smooth breathing is essential as it helps you execute movements along with maximum power and efficiency. Lastly, you must learn how to breathe effectively while exercising so as to reduce stress. Practice these drills on a daily basis to gain maximum benefits.

Join dance classes in Dubai for better health or professional training


Staying healthy and fit is as important as taking care of your car engine. We know that a good workout has immense health benefits. Workouts aren’t just designed especially for weight loss, some are just to keep you fit and in shape. Workouts range from fast, medium and low paced and your health decides the type of workout you should choose. For instance, a Zumba dance workout routine emphasises more on strength building and fat burning. It does not focus on just one part of body as it is a dance workout so one way or the other your whole body stays in motion. There is upbeat music, songs and dance that help relieve tension and let you experience a whole new world of happiness while working out.

Dance is an inevitable part of every society. Be it any good news or an achievement the best way to enjoy your happiness is through dancing. But dance is no more limited to just expressing joy it has become a great way to stay in shape too. There are certain type of dance styles that help you build strength, endurance and confidence level. When you dance, your heart rate goes up, which is a good form of exercise. Many people who want to become professional dancers or just want to enrol for the fun of it can join dance classes. Dance classes in Dubai are becoming pretty famous. Dubai being a cosmopolitan country is home to different cultures and religions. So, there is something for everyone. You can either learn dance as a hobby or pursue it as a career.
Among many forms of exercise, swimming is always considered as one of the best exercises. It is a far more effective way when it comes to toning your muscles and strength building. Working out in water teaches you to work on your breathing. This form of exercise is good for everyone especially for those with asthma. Swimming classes in Dubai are equally famous and popular among people of all ages. You can improve your heart rate and blood flow that ultimately results in weight control and better health. Your body becomes more flexible as most of the muscles function simultaneously in water unlike exercising in gym, hence improving joint mobility.
So, wait no more and enrol for one today!

What makes Zumba the “Best Exercise to Lose Weight”

Sometimes, while doing exercises, you find yourself quite bored and the exercises seem to be rather monotonous. That is when you find yourself losing motivation to stay fit or lose weight. Finding an alternative to weight loss seems tricky and stressful, but it isn’t. An enjoyable fitness exercise such as Zumba is an assured way to lose weight. This Latin-American dance form is based on aerobic dance and fitness and has become a sensation amongst a lot of individuals. It has been gaining popularity as one of the favourite dance classes around the world. It has been widely practiced at homes in addition to gyms around the world. It is fun and an energetic fitness routine that anyone can take up. Zumba helps in burning calories and is regarded as one of the best exercises to lose weight. The perfect fusion of Latin music with contemporary dance beats makes your workout fun and enjoyable.

Zumba is the perfect workout that provides immense relief from stress. It is probably the best stress reliever. The upbeat moves that are particular to this type of workout favour the release of mood-improving endorphins that can boost your confidence. An ideal way to lower inhibitions, better coordination, improve and enhance posture as well. An hour long session of Zumba can easily help you lose 500-600 calories depending upon the intensity of the workout. It is good to ensure you have your Zumba workout plan arranged as per your weight goals. A professional can help you figure this out.

Zumba instructors are licensed and can help you with a tailor-made Zumba dance workout plans that stick to the fundamentals of Zumba, at the same time ensuring creativity and fun. It provides an intense aerobic and muscular workout. You will certainly notice a whole new, if you practice it religiously. Zumba keeps you motivated as it is based on catchy soundtracks that ensure you have fun and not necessarily think of it as an exercise. It is the ideal way to strengthen and tone your body. There are multiple routines that feature interval training sessions. These are currently recognized as one of the best ways to burn fat and stay fit. Your goal should be to use the Zumba workout plan to the optimum so as to ensure fitness and a healthy weight.

Yoga classes in Dubai offer prenatal yoga

The trend of yoga seems to have caught on globally. With United Nations General Assembly, announcing 21st June as International Day of Yoga, yoga has now become the latest fad. This wave of yoga seems to have caught Dubai’s fancy seeing the number of people queuing up for yoga classes in Dubai. Yoga is a long-established Indian exercise routine that not only helps people maintain fitness, but also, encourages healthy living at its core.

Yoga Classes in dubai

The fact that sets yoga apart from various other gym routines is that yoga can be practised by anyone irrespective of age and gender. It does not have instant results, but, it does help to reduce weight and increase fitness with long-term practice. The aim is to create balance, calm the spirit, and improve the general well-being. An added advantage of practising yoga is that it can be continued even during pregnancy thus maintaining the health and fitness of both the mother and the baby. There are several yoga classes in Dubai offering prenatal yoga.

So if you are looking for ways to stay fit during your pregnancy, look no further for prenatal yoga is the ideal solution. Read through to find out everything about the relationship between yoga and fitness

Prenatal Yoga and fitness

  • It helps one prepare for labour pain
  • Regular practice promotes baby’s health and well being
  • It is a multi-dimensional approach to exercise that promotes stretching, centring and mental focus in addition to focused breathing.
  • Joining yoga classes Dubai can help you meet and bond with other pregnant women and share experiences
  • It can help improve sleep quality and pattern and boost immunity
  • If coupled with cardiovascular exercises, it can be the ideal fitness regime

Types of prenatal poses

  • Prenatal yoga and hatha (gentle) yoga are the most apt choices for pregnant women
  • Cobbler’s or Tailor’s pose (baddha konasana)
  • Pelvic tilt or Cat-Cow
  • Warrior I (virabhadrasana I)
  • Warrior II (virabhadrasana II)
  • Tree (vrksasana).
  • Downward-Facing Dog (adho mukha vrksanasana) to be avoided in third trimester

Prenatal yoga is an excellent way to maintain fitness and physical activity throughout pregnancy. Indeed, there is perhaps no better way to prepare one’s body for childbirth other than yoga. If unsure, do not stress, it is okay to simply visit and observe and then make up your mind. At no time should one exert. Proper care must be taken while doing it and should be done solely under an expert’s guidance.